07 December, 2013

I love Egypt!

Here is a lot to see and experience in and around Cairo.
Today we took the ferry across the Nile
to Memphis.

Not exactly like my Norwegian experience
 with ferries, but amazing!

The ferry is over 60 years old.
It takes people, cars
and whatever else your are riding.

The captain,

so sweet, so friendly.
Wondered if I wanted to steer the boat,
I thanked him no....

Life boat,
made me feel very safe...

Other boats passing bye..

Well over on the other side,
normal traffic,

a man balancing his two cups of tea,

stopped for a minute to say hello.. 

Chickens for sale,

or maybe fruit.

The oranges are fabulously and sweet
at this time of the year.

Are you still here?
I am knitting...

Memphis is the very first capitol of Egypt,
these are areas forbidden to build on
because of the treasures under the ground,
still not dug out. 

The surrounding buildings
are made in the same manners
as for many hundred years ago.

One gets the feeling
that time has been frozen.

We stopped at a local artist.

Mr. Saad is demonstrating his skills.
This kind of work
he has done
since he was 10 years old!

He makes furniture,
boxes, dove and chicken cages
 out of palm leaves.

Fast working hands,

 lots of experience.

I was a little worried about his feet,

 but everything was done with precession.

We shopped...

then finalized the deal
with a cup of Egyptian tea.

Then off to the Bent Pyramid in Dahshur.


04 December, 2013

Working on embrodery

I am working on a new bunad for my grand daughter.
was ruined by the sewing room 
that did the fitting of the skirt.
It was ruined to a degree
where nothing could be saved or re-used.
Not for her, she is tall, 
and they cut it and fit it 
to a shorter person, by a mistake...
Long story,
hopefully happy ending.

This time around 
I hope the result will be good.
It is actually pretty fun to work on,
but the time limitation
 creates a dose of stress.
I want her to be able to use
her traditional outfit
Norway's Constitution Day.

By request, these mittens are built on the pattern
"A hand to hold".

Being limited to what I keep in my yarn storage,
I used different yarn and colors for these.
One solid color for the pattern,
instead of two as before.

I will be going to Norway soon,
and definitely make room in my suitcase for yarn, 
when I return!

03 December, 2013

Our favorite silver jeweler

In need of a beautiful bracelet?
Ring or necklace?

All handmade pure silver,
sold by the weight.

This is MK jewelry,
 a good place to visit at the Khan.

Cut to shape, 

passing through several stations,

Beautifully polished before handed
to the customer.

Great to experience fabulous handwork
in the making!

25 November, 2013

Life on along the road

To many cars,
and slow moving traffic.

Hanging out the window of the car,
I manage to capture
a little of this very colorful life.

Farmers sell their fruit

and vegetables at the road side,
 their local market or at the souq.

Cauliflower on its way to the market,
nicely stacked on the back of a truck.

Others prefer a cart pulled by a donkey.

I am always amazed how simple it looks
to carry your groceries on top of the head.

 "Sheep farming"
along the road side is not uncommon.

The sheep live only meters from traffic,
and are sold for their hide, wool and meat.

 They seam to be used to the used to the commotion,
keeping calm away from the cars.

This fiddler is selling his homemade
music instruments.

He walks up and down the streets
playing his fiddle to get attention,
hoping for a sale.

They have a high pitch tone
so he can be heard from a long distance.

Have a good evening!