22 August, 2011

One week at the Faroe Islands...

When I learned that Sommerakademiet 
arranged a trip 
 to the Faroe Islands this summer, 
I wanted to tag along.
It is one of a few places I have been wanting to visit.

This summer it worked out, 
as I combined it to a trip to Norway,
and because we flew out of Bergen.

It was a great experience!
The tour was very well organised,
we got to visit several of the largest islands
and some of the smaller ones too.

One of these was Nolsøy.
It was a 20 minute ferry ride
out of Thorshavn.
People live out here with the Atlantic Ocean 
right outside their back door.

I have this love for churches....

And every little village had one. 

Its like if they have been there always,
they fit so well into their surroundings.
Here is a lot of history ...

in town and at the country side...

...and - lots and lots of sheep...
75000 on these islands I was told...

I have to mention the boat trip out of Westmanna.
We got to these rock formations 
and grottoes, by boat.
The ocean has carved its way 
into these volcanic rocks over time.

 Jeg var heldig å få reise med Sommerakademiet 
til Færøyene i sommer.
En fantastisk fin tur, absolutt å anbefale!
Vel organisert og med et tett og smidig program.