29 December, 2007

Colors , blues, turquoise...

These colors are just perfect by the ocean!
They are inspirational
and they cheer me up,
what else can I say...

I am onto a new mitten pattern,
working at the moment
on some small adjustments.

Pattern available in a week or so..

Etter en kald uke i Florida,
er vi nå hjemme igjen.
Nye mønster kommer snart...
Må bare få ryddet unna litt av julen først!

Ha en fin Nyttårshelg!
Happy New Year!

22 December, 2007

God Jul and Merry Christmas

...to everybody who visit!

About the hat below:
The pattern can now be purchased on line,
and every cent made on this specific pattern,
and the pattern "Helene" mittens,
will from now on
be donated to MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston,
marked research..

Welcome back in 2008!

God Jul og Godt Nyttår!

15 December, 2007

"Helene" lua

"Helene" hat is now done,
and will be available in a few days on Etsy.

My plan is to send all the money I make
on the "Helene" pattern,
mittens and hat,

to a cancer hospital.
Doing a little research right now,
but I will let you know.

10 December, 2007

Clifton Texas...

....the Norwegian Capital of Texas.
I went there for the annual Norwegian Christmas Market.
An interesting experience!

Here is some of my stuff..

And one can also learn a few words
of the Norwegian language..

Julemarked i Clifton Texas.
Godt og vel 4 timers kjøring hver vei!
Men interresant..
Kanskje gjentar jeg det neste år.

02 December, 2007

"New" blogg

Just wanted you to know
that my friend Ebba is blogging again.
She lost her old blog,

but here is the new one.
She make the most beautiful jewelry.