29 October, 2014

Wissa Wassef again

Having guests 

gives me a reason to re-visit 
some of my favorite places, 
is high on my list.
It is located in the Harrania district,
near the Giza pyramids.

You can read more 
about the center here.

The buildings are surrounded by 
green fields and beautiful gardens,
much different from the life on the outside.
The architect and founder
 Ramses Wissa Wassef wrote:

"I had this vague conviction 
that every human being 
was born an artist, 
but that his or her gifts 
could be brought out only if 
artistic activity was encouraged
 from early childhood 
by way of practicing a craft..."

 Children from the village
was invited to learn the basic technique
of weaving:

"these young artists 
have only their own conception 
of their work,
 drawn from their own experience...
They know nothing of 
the hesitation of sophisticated artists... 
who are continually tempted 
to express themselves 
in the style of some other artist."

These artisans creates their tapestries

with no patterns involved,

every tapestry is one of a kind,

showing rural scenes

and telling stories of life in the village. 

The fingers works fast,
and seams to me
 with no hesitation.
A lot of experience involved
after years of practice.

Fabulous colors.

Very impressive,
and outstanding beautiful pieces 
of art!
Worth a visit!