24 July, 2012

Let me share

my adventure at Otternes,
a cluster of houses
clinging to the mountain side
between Aurland and Flaam,
located in Sogn and Fjordane, Norway.
The cluster includes four
separate farms,
with their land connected.

My daughter took us here
this summer,
and it was well worth the visit!

A couple of my grandkids
came with us as well.

My grandson Hallvard 
fits right in to his surroundings

It is like going back in time.

I believe that the last person
to actually live here
was in 1996 or 97.

Looking out the window
from one of the houses,
we are pulled away
and lifted high above, 
fast moving traffic,
from the road below.

Cruise ships have visited these fjords
for many years,
and it creates quite a clash
of an old and new world.

We learned that people up here
also maintained a grassed area
on the other side of the fjord,
and possibly buried their deceased
on a piece of land there,
facing Otternes, their home.

Generations worked here,
they had their children here,
and they lived and died here.

Before we left for
our more polished lives,
we got to enjoy
porridge made out of sour cream,
sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon,
very good!
Served on the side
is salted meat and "flat bread".

If you happen to be in the area,
I suggest you take a visit!

This link might offer you 
some more information.

22 July, 2012

Norway in my heart

So I had another trip 
to my country of origin.

Norway is so easy to love,
with all its beauty.

Our very good friend invited us
to her summer paradise.

I have no idea what took us so long,
but this year we made sure
to mark it on our travel route.

No complaints!
What a wonderful place!
 After a couple of busy weeks,
meeting with friends and family,
this place was heaven sendt.
So quiet and peaceful...

My heart is there more often
as years go by.
I wrap my thoughts around
moments and memories,
friends and family,
and also loved ones lost.

Our lives change,
for good and for bad.
Someone once said to me that 
God will not give us more than we can handle.

Sometimes I wonder about that,
I guess we are not supposed to 
understand it all...

A blessed day to everybody...