28 February, 2008


This guy is only 17 years old,
and my favorite singer
in the American Idol contest...


26 February, 2008

Spring, spring, spring...

The temperatures are great,
birds are chipping away in the morning hours,
and new growths are popping up everywhere in the garden.

Working on a great sock pattern called Slippery,
by Olivia M.,
from knitty.com

How can I hold back,
fighting the temptation to run to the nursery for more flowers,
when I know we could still experience night frost..

This beautiful blue Lobelia is still enjoying the cooler weather,
but will not survive the summer

I love this time of the year,
it is so full of expectations,
nature is coming back to life...
Oh, and I saw the first Hummingbird a couple of days ago.
The feeders are up,
welcoming their return!

Strikker på et par sokker,
tynnt garn, tynne pinner,
seint går det, men kjekkt mønster.
"Slippery" fra knitty.com

22 February, 2008

One can take the girl out of Egersund, but not Egersund out of the girl

Thats my husbands words,
and I guess he is right.

I had this urge to make mittens,
capturing elements from my home town.

I called the pattern
its the nick name for the town,
and translates to "Our Town"..
It`s a long story....

...and Egersund is a small town
on the coast of Norway,
where the main income has been the fish industry.
It still has the charm of a really small town,
where most people know each other,
for better and worse...

A mitten has limited space -,
but I got the old Church`s tower,
some small white houses,
and an old bridge
with the ducks swimming underneath.

Boats, seagulls,
and on the back side,
fish, fishnet,
and a crab..

I had fun,
and longed home a little....

De jo måtte bare komme,
vottene fra Okka By, made in junaiten..
De har ligget og ulmet i underbevistheten en stund...
Sender nok en del tanker den veien kan en si..

21 February, 2008

Nostalgic vignettes

One of my very best friends,
whom I miss very much spending time with,
sent me some pictures from her kitchen.
I would love to have a cup of coffee,
homemade waffles

(have to mention that her husband is a waffle expert!!)
and a chat.
One of those long chats,
where you forget time and place,
laughing about stupid things we did together,
remembering school friends,
tenting on the beach,
talking about kids, and now also grand-kids..

She must be one of the most creative persons I know,
and I have known her almost all my life.
As teenagers we went to school together,
and we already then had all kind of plans
about opening a sewing room,
and offering interior consultations.

It never happened..
Family life hit us both at a young age,
and now we are living on two different continents.

I know that cup of coffee
will be ready any time ....

Litt nostalgi på morgenkvisten.
Gode venner er godt å ha,
gode minner er viktige å ta vare på...

20 February, 2008

I have several of these

These are old Norwegian week magazines from 1939 -46 -47,
a time when Norway was occupied by the Germans,
it was World War II.

They where my mothers,
and given to me many years ago.
She was about to throw them out,
and I am really glad she didn't.
They have some really interesting stories
about how to manage with little,
sometimes nothing..

"Vi selv og våre hjem"

Jeg har mange av disse,
de er kaldt Vi selv og våre hjem.
Kan det være opphavet til Hjemmet kanskje?
Noen som vet?
Det eldste er fra 1939,
resten er fra krigstiden.

Fremsiden på disse bladene er rene kunstverk!

De har forskjellige artikler,
og de fleste har et par strikke oppskrifter
mot slutten av bladet.

Votte mønster!

Hadde bare lyst til å vise dem frem..
De har ligget nedstøvet så lenge.

Look what I have been digging out today..

Here is another old magazine.
Together with the ones above,
I have had this sitting in a box for years..
They probably spark more interest with Norwegians,
so I will continue in Norwegian.

Alle Kvinner

Denne utgaven av Alle Kvinner er fra krigsårene,
(for og bakside)
men har ingen dato dessverre.

Se hvordan de slet for å få endene til å møtes!

Min mor har fortalt om hvordan hun sydde om klær,
ofte flere ganger av det samme plagget..

Folk flest var nok nevedyktige på den tiden..

Syntes denne kommentaren var litt herlig..

17 February, 2008

Another beautiful Sunday!

It feels like spring outside.
Off course I started a garden clean up,
and I can not be stopped...

A few hours later,
with new trimmed trees and rose bushes,
dirty nails and chopped skin on my knitting fingers,
I cold beer is nothing but great!

Herlig varmt og vårlig i dag.
Har ryddet godt opp i hagen.
Hadde veldig lyst til å handle sommer planter,
men klarte å la være...
Vi kan fremdeles få en frostnatt,
så det er nok best å vente.
"Forglem meg ei"-ene er fra i høst.

Thank you so much to Cindy for the
"You Make My Day Award".
I am giving to everybody who visit my blog,
and leave me a comment!
You guys ALWAYS make MY day!!

13 February, 2008

Norse Mythology...

My newest patterns are inspired from Norse Mythology.
I have worked with these patterns for a good while,
mixing colors,
creating different sizes,
but making them a small family..

a male size pattern

a ladies size

children size 7-8 years old

Even though winter is almost over some places,
new patterns will still be made here,
winter, spring summer or fall...

Tre par votter inspirert fra Norsk Mytologi.
Alle mønsterne har likhetstegn,
og passer godt sammen.

07 February, 2008

Cold this morning

.. but it's supposed to be warm (70's F / 20 C)
this afternoon and weekend.

I knitted another pair of Lovebirds mittens.
Made them in blue and white this time,
it's the color I associate with ice, snow and winter.
However they look really nice in red also,
check this blog!

Strikket "Lovebirds votter" i blått denne uken,
og som den "frysepinnen" jeg er,
så er det fristende å bruke dem innendørs.
Vi var nedom frysepunktet i natt,
men i ettermiddag melder de ca. 20 grader.
Det er en herlig temperatur synes jeg,
passe varmt....eller kanskje det var passe kaldt..??

Noen som vet hvordan det går med skiløperne?
Får ikke fulgt med her borte..