28 November, 2006


We are getting closer to Christmas, and its a busy time for most of us.
Some Norwegian girls in Houston will be gathering to make wreaths this week. I am exited, I think we will all have fun.

26 November, 2006

Road trip

Thanksgiving is over for this year, and we took a long road trip. Houston - Chicago - and back, about 18 hours one way!
We have done it before, and it's actually OK. Lots to look at, but to much time spent in the car.
Knitted some socks on the way up, started these white socks, and almost finished them on my way back. Also knitted a purse in the car, but it's a Christmas present, so I can't show it one the blog.
However, we are very happy to be back home!

17 November, 2006

My new wonder machine

My Kirby is dead! Last week I was dragging the old wreck around the floors, it was laying down, couldn't stand up anymore. It was like dragging a dead body after me. Need arm strength, good workout!!
It was falling apart when I worked with it, that's also the reason for the duct tape all over. Power kept shutting down, due to a loose cord. I had to hold the cord in a certain position, or it would stop.
That was it, I've had it!! I was getting ready to throw it through the window. It was sad, I almost lost interest in my most favorite thing to do over all, vacuuming!! O'boy! (Please don't believe me..)
Anyway, the Kirby has been replaced with a Dyson!! And the best thing about it, - my husband loves it!! Go Jeff!!! This new wonder sucks up dust you never knew you had.....
Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Hvorfor krymper ikke sauen???

13 November, 2006

Headband and wrist warmers

Don't have the time to sit down by my computer and blogg.
I have been away for the weekend, travelling to Fredericksburg and Austin, seeing clients and friends. The weather was beautiful, not as hot anymore, cool enough to wear a sweater. That would be in the morning hours. When the sun is up, forget the sweater!
Two sets headband/hat and wrist warmers, are done, made for my granddaughter, Tiril. It's cold where she lives, not like here in Texas, where we get exited when the temperature goes down to 60 F.

07 November, 2006

A slice of pizza

Here is the costume that never got worn, because the owner was sick on Halloween night. She posed for me tonight, showing off her pepperoni, peppers and cheese. I guess it will be stored in the garage until next year. Hopefully the rats won't eat it...

Needles on hold

I have lots of project going on, but today I am working on the one that is the least fun. Retexturing and painting the walls around the new kitchen cabinets. I can't take the mess this remodelling is creating, and have to start doing something constructive, as we are waiting for the counter tops and water. I am sure it will all be good in the end.....

06 November, 2006

Next day

Emilia carved the pumpkins this year. She had seen one similar to this one on the net, and copied it. Thought it was pretty funny!

Hot dogs?

Well it was Halloween, and the dogs were supposed to be pizza rolls, since Emilia was going to be a slice of pizza. She got sick, and didn't dress up, but we shot a picture of Eini and Kine the day before, when she was trying the clothing on them. I think Kine look more like Robin Hood...
Maybe I can make Emilia pose in her pizza costume, so that we can show it off.

05 November, 2006


Yesterday was "Fall Fair" day at a nearby church. This year I was one of the exhibitors, and there was many of us. Not so many with my sort of stuff, and I did have a good location. However, sales where bad, due to fairly low flow of people. The lady next to me had done these kind of sales for 24 years, and told me there would be up's and down's, and that this one was surprisingly slow.
I, however, don't know if I will have patience to repeat the experience, especially not this year, who knows, we'll see.... Maybe eBay?

Rosa med krusseduller

I thought I already had posted pictures of this purse, but I guess not.
It was finished last week, and is made from one skein Lambs Pride. This yarn just has a lot of great colors. It also felt well.

The swirls are embroidered on, make sure to keep it loose like the knitting stitches.
When I got it in the shape I liked, I stuffed it and tied a little yarn loosely around it, to make sure it stayed that way. At this point I still hadn't decided how it would look, I had knitted an unattached strap, and a shorter loop, so that I could close it if I wanted to, using a crochet button.
I sewed a blanket stitch around the edge, and crochet in the stitches, one round.

It got lined with a hot pink lining, and it is ready for a stroll at the mall.

02 November, 2006


The pillow is sewed
in a heavy champagne satin.
I think it came out quite cute..

01 November, 2006


Just for fun I tried to copy some miniature mittens I saw in Norway a few years ago.
I didn't have a pattern, but it worked out OK.
They are 1 1/2"(a little over 3 cm).

Sorry, the picture is pretty bad.

The chair is done

The small foot stool was fixed up last week, and now the small childrens chair is done also. It was originally not painted, but in a bad enough shape that I needed to do something about it. So it got a base layer off green, with a top coat of white over "crackle".

I like the fabric a lot, I have had it sitting around for a while.