13 December, 2011

Mormor's sewing room

is more like Santa's workshop
at the moment.

A couple of old beds
are getting a face lift,

and my fabric-remnant-draw
is wide open with all it's
hidden treasures....

The beds are getting mattresses,

pillows and blankets,
and if I can find some time,

the dolls might even get 
an outfit or two.
But I am not promising anything.
It's crunch time,
Christmas is right around the corner.

Two tiny chairs were 
picked up at a thrift store.

This little rocker will probably get 
a knitted throw pillow.

Mormors syrom 
er et roterom i disse dager.
Jeg har fikset opp
et par gamle dukkesenger,
så nå kan julen bare komme.

06 December, 2011

These colors are great

..all leftover yarn from other projects.
This jacket is for Tyra (1),
and will travel to Norway shortly....

I actually love this color mix,
three different ones,
and the yarn is Rauma Finull.

The pattern is called Kajas jakke,
and can be purchased at Ravelry or at Etsy.

It has a great fit for a toddler,
the sleeves can be lengthened or shortened.

Dette er en kjekk jakke å strikke.
Med en blanding av hekling og rettstrikk
er den ukomplisert å jobbe med foran TVen f.eks.

Ha en fortsatt fin førjulstid!