31 January, 2010

Last day of January already!

The sun was out today,
but not for long,
it was cloudy most of the day.

Its still chilly here,
and the model was complaining a little
about being cold everywhere
except for on her shoulders, she said.

This Hood has a great fit.
It follows close to the neckline,
and it sits snug on the shoulders.
Its also knitted top down,
so the length can be variable.
I stopped mine before the armpit
so that it can easily be worn under a jacket.

The size is for a grown up,
man or woman.
For more inofmation about yarn and neeldes,
check out the pattern,
it is posted on Etsy and on Ravelry.

 Jeg har hatt flere forespørsmål etter
en voksen strørrelse av Vikinghetta for barn.
Hadde ikke så lyst til å lage denne helt lik barnestørrelsen,
men den ligner nok litt allikevel.
Jeg har brukt Cascade 220 wool også denne gang,
men Smart eller Rauma 3-trådsgarn
kan fungerer kanskje også.
Jeg brukte pinner nummer 3,5 mm.

Time is flying

..and February will be here before we know it...
Blogging has been slow going here lately, 
but I have a few projects in the makings.

An adult size 
"Viking Hoodie" 
is about to be published,

just waiting for some sun
so that I can shoot some pictures.
Depending on the weather,
maybe I could get it done today....

25 January, 2010

My poor puppy has been shaved

Actually she is not a puppy, but 14 years old!
We had our first trip of the year, to the groomer,
and her under coat was very tangled.
Compared to our other dog, same breed,
her coat is pretty curly,
and the undercoat was like felted wool.
I love wool, but not on my dog..

Kine's new "Lion look"

The groomer suggested shaving,
and we went for it.
Its getting warmer here pretty soon,
but as a transition she needed a coat, quick.

This one, made in China, had to do,
my hands are busy with other projects.
Honestly, she sleeps in my bedroom
most all day, and all night,
so the outside elements shouldn't bather her much.

 Before picture

Breed: Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

08 January, 2010

This book is great!

 I always get a Barnes and Nobel gift card
in my stocking for Christmas.
So off I went to the book store.
This book caught my eye
and I love it!
You can buy it here.

Lots of great patterns
patterned on old Norwegian clothing,
some belonging to a museum in Iowa.
Nostalgic reading, great patterns,
old pictures...
I always imagine how the immigrants,
who arrived here many years ago,
came to stay for good,
and how they must have been longing home.

Heck, I have my sentimental moments
even though I get back to my roots
about once a year!

Interesting to see early pictures
about how they settled,
and how they kept their traditions alive
in a new country.
And great patterns too!

02 January, 2010

Happy New Year!!

...to you and you and you!
Thank you all for visiting,
and welcome back in 2010!