20 January, 2012


My needle is working its way through
yards and yards of beautiful wool fabric.
The chalk guidelines are pretty easy to follow,
but I have to say the overall instructions 
are pretty limited.

I believe it is expected to join a class
and get hands on explanations.
However, some of us live a litte bit off the map 
for local classes,
and for that reason
has to figure it out ourselves.

This is my second "Nordlandsbunad".
I embroidered the first one 
about 15 - 16 years ago.

A traditional Norwegian outfit,
used for special occasions 
and celebrations
like weddings, Christmas,
independence day etc.

I hope to have the dress-part done soon,
next up is the shirt, apron and the assembling.

I will probably share more pictures later

Da var mormor igang med bunad 
til konfirmasjon, våren 2013.

11 January, 2012

Kaja jakken worked in Silky Wool

Silky Wool from Elsebeth Lavold.
The gauge is the same as on the jackets
worked in Rauma Finullgarn and in Navia Duo.

I wanted to try different yarns
for this pattern,

and was pleased to get the same gauge on all three.

Happy New Year everybody!