31 March, 2008

Helene - Rosa

i en sterkere farge variant.

The mitten pattern is altered just a little,
and can be found here.

Two Norwegian "blogger" friends..

Muffin and Berit,
gave me this award:

Thank so very much!!
There are so many gorgeous blogs out there,
and I think they all have purpose.
Its a great way to communicate world wide!

28 March, 2008

..for better for worse..

Two beautiful souls,
hand in hand,
together into the future...

My little girl,
now grown and married..

..to the love of her life!

Best wishes for a long life together!

Hei hopp og hurra for brudeparet!!

Mormor sin golle klump...

My youngest grandchild visited for Easter.
He is just a lump of joy,
but living so far apart we don't get to see him to often..!

I did however get to have him
a whole, long evening to myself,

as I was babysitting.

26 March, 2008

On the beach in Florida

We celebrated the wedding of one of my daughters
in Forth Walton Beach,
a small town in the panhandle of Florida.

The beach right outside the window,
the temperature great,
not to warm, not to cold.

A walk on the fantastic white sand,
white as snow..

I met these pelicans,
one of them giving me the "evil" eye...
Click on the picture below,
he is watching me...

Maybe I got a little to close,
because he decided to head for the fishing pier.

I can never pass up the shells.
Great colors...
Different shapes.

14 March, 2008


I have been busy lately,
preparing for my daughters wedding next weekend.
Lot of friends and family are coming,
many of them all the way from Norway.

They got engaged last summer at Prekestolen(under).

06 March, 2008

It's been a while

...but I am still here!
I had a request for a smaller pattern,
based on the "Helene" pattern.

It is now done,
and the pattern can be bought here,
the pieces seperate from each other.

It will fit a 3-4 year old,
and this time I knitted using Rauma 3 tr. strikkegarn.
If they don't sell this yarn in your local store,
you can buy it here.

Endelig har jeg fått fullført en mindre utgave
av dame mønsteret
Jeg ble spurt lenge før jul,

lovte det,
la det i glemme boksen.

Denne luen har fått et par fletter på toppen..
Men den også være fin uten.