29 December, 2007

Colors , blues, turquoise...

These colors are just perfect by the ocean!
They are inspirational
and they cheer me up,
what else can I say...

I am onto a new mitten pattern,
working at the moment
on some small adjustments.

Pattern available in a week or so..

Etter en kald uke i Florida,
er vi nå hjemme igjen.
Nye mønster kommer snart...
Må bare få ryddet unna litt av julen først!

Ha en fin Nyttårshelg!
Happy New Year!

22 December, 2007

God Jul and Merry Christmas

...to everybody who visit!

About the hat below:
The pattern can now be purchased on line,
and every cent made on this specific pattern,
and the pattern "Helene" mittens,
will from now on
be donated to MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston,
marked research..

Welcome back in 2008!

God Jul og Godt Nyttår!

15 December, 2007

"Helene" lua

"Helene" hat is now done,
and will be available in a few days on Etsy.

My plan is to send all the money I make
on the "Helene" pattern,
mittens and hat,

to a cancer hospital.
Doing a little research right now,
but I will let you know.

10 December, 2007

Clifton Texas...

....the Norwegian Capital of Texas.
I went there for the annual Norwegian Christmas Market.
An interesting experience!

Here is some of my stuff..

And one can also learn a few words
of the Norwegian language..

Julemarked i Clifton Texas.
Godt og vel 4 timers kjøring hver vei!
Men interresant..
Kanskje gjentar jeg det neste år.

02 December, 2007

"New" blogg

Just wanted you to know
that my friend Ebba is blogging again.
She lost her old blog,

but here is the new one.
She make the most beautiful jewelry.

30 November, 2007

Juletre kurver på innpakningen?

Last minute wrapping..
Traditional Christmas tree hearts,
used in an nontraditional way..
These are very common on the Christmas tree in Norway.

Klippet disse i filt, og limte dem på gave poser... Kjappt og greit!

27 November, 2007

Christmas stocking...

I am blogging..
I shouldn't,
I really don't have time today!
What is it with me that I can't listen to myself,
and go do those other shores that are waiting for me..

Just one cup of coffee by the computer,
and I will be off, I think...

I finished this stocking last night,
embroidering it was fun,
the felting however, was a job!!
White yarn can have trouble being felted...
I knew that!
I will not forget again...

Jule strømpe for peisen..

26 November, 2007

Winter Mitten Purse

This is one of the things I have been working on lately.
I love this green color against the cream.
I used yarn from my stash,
PT3 and Fritidsgarn.

You can get the pattern for this purse
on Etsy
It could be cute for a little girl maybe..?

Har strikket denne fra garnrester.
Hadde en del av det grønne PT3 garnet,
elsker denne fargen.
Hadde det kjekt med de små vantene..

21 November, 2007

Christmas dinner anyone?

I am preparing for Christmas,
and this is our main course the 24 th.
(The neighbors are a little sceptic...)

Lamb ribs,

and hung to dry...
Will be soaked in water over night,
steamed over boiling water
until meat loosens from the bone.
Then into the oven on a real hot temperature
for a few minutes.
This give it a crisp outside, yum...

Delicious together with boiled potatoes,
and rutabaga stew.

Pinnekjøttet er nesten klart..

20 November, 2007

The Holidays are coming up..

In between other stuff,
I am making some purses.
These will be cute for Christmas,

It can be closed with a "button" on both sides.

The one below is a little bit larger.

I am off to line them in a moment.
Pattern might be available later.

Disse Jule inspirerte veskene var kjekke å lage.
Dersom jeg har litt tid til overs,

skal jeg få skrevet ned mønsteret.

One of the projects on my needles

...are these "Sylvia" mittens.
Different color way,
same pattern,
special order...

14 November, 2007

Last one, I promise..

Here is the last one of my scarfs,
finished last night.

These colors are great and bright,
and I also mixed in some effect yarn..
Click on the picture above to enlarge.

Dette er det siste sjerfet,
ferdig i går kveld.
Brukte foruten ullgarn,
også litt effekt garn.
Klikk på bildet over for å forstørre.
Det blir ikke flere av denne sorten på en stund,
det lover jeg akkurat her og nå...

08 November, 2007

Two more crochet scarfs..

The sun is gone today,
I think it might be about to rain.

These scarfs are made in wool,
warm, but maybe itchy....

Dette mønsteret var kjekt å jobbe med,
så jeg heklet et par skjerf i ull,
i "julefarger"..

Bildene er litt tunge og mørke idag,
solen var bak skydekket et sted.

06 November, 2007


Thank you so much
for awarding me!
I got the
"You make me smile award"

from 4 different blogger friends..
It's an honor!
Thanks to Glimt, Mimouna, Berit, and Liv Irene!

It would be to hard to pick only a few favorite people,
so I will send the award on to everybody
who visit my blog!
I enjoy your comments tremendously,
you are all like real friends to me,
and ya'll make me smile and laugh.
Have a great fall, everybody!

03 November, 2007

Cotton scarf

I found this crochet pattern
in a Norwegian week magazine,
and I thought it was quite different looking.
Decided to try it out,
not to hard,
but thicker yarn is probably faster...

I tried a few different kinds of yarn,
and settled on this cotton yarn from my stash.
It is called Saucy, produced in Brazil,
for Reynolds yarn.

Fant dette mønsteret
i nr 19/2007 av Familien.
Syntes det var litt artig og annerledes.
Luftig for Texas,
Her strikket i bommulls garn jeg hadde liggende,
Saucy, produsert i Brasil,
for Reynolds Yarn.

30 October, 2007

Nå på Etsy

I promised to everybody know when the is for sale,
and I just finished it now,
a minute ago...

The link is here

28 October, 2007


This is my newest mitten design.

In Scandinavia we use a lot of red hearts
in our Christmas decorations.
While her in the States,
hearts are associated with Valentines Day.
I used "Smart" yarn from Sandnes Ull,
and 3,5 mm needles,
for these Red and White mittens.

I also love the Green and Red colors together,
and think it look very Christmas like.

This yarn, "Nature Wool" from Araucania, Chile,
is a variegated yarn,
and it shows pretty good in the green area.
I used 3 mm needles,
and these mittens came out a little smaller
then the Red and White ones above.
Both, however, fit my hand,
one just a little snugger then the other.

At the moment,
I am putting the last touches on the pattern,
but hopefully, in a few days,
it will be available on Etsy.

Dette mønsteret er laget med tanke på jul.
Hjertene får meg til å tenke
på jul i Norge.

Mønsteret kan fåes kjøpt om noen få dager på Etsy.

My daugther went to a Halloween party last night

Say no more.....

26 October, 2007

Lots of pictures lately...

...but I have new mittens on my needles,
a new Scandinavian mitten design,
fit for Christmas...

Idyll på Amla Nedre

On my resent trip I visited this beautiful farm.

In near future it will be home
for one of my daughters and her family.
This is thoroughly a small Paradise on earth..

Flowers were still blooming,
even though they have had night frost already.

The farm has been in the family
for several generations.

My youngest grandson Hallvard,
is the 9th Hallvard in this family.
It was given in every second generation,
after Scandinavian custom.

The horses needed their blankets,
but enjoyed the fresh air
and the warmth of the sun during the day.

The leaves are coming down,
winter will be on its way soon...

Jeg fant denne idyllen i Kaupanger...
Her er så mye skjønnhet,
hvor en enn snur seg,

at en inntar en spesiell stemning
av fred og salig beruselse...