30 June, 2009

Rabbit, doll, rabbit?

Rabbit it is.

Simple, with no face.

Made with fabric remnants
and cotton yarn.

Ikke fille-dukke,
men fille-kanin!

21 June, 2009

I love weekends at home

We have traveled a lot lately,
so this weekend was spent in the back yard.

Towels form my hometown

No plans, just relaxing, and then..
even better, - my husband loves to cook.
What can I say,
it was Fathers Day yesterday,
and how could I not let him do what he love so much!

I grabbed my basket,
found some mindless knitting,
and enjoyed the day!


It`s a release every time the sun goes behind a cloud...

About 38 C (98-99 F).
So cooling off in the pool about every 5 minutes,
is the only way to survive a day outside
this time of the year.

Frog perspective

Unless one prefer being inside in air condition.

Our youngest off spring do exactly that,
stays inside.
Don`t like the heat,
tired of swimming...

Have a great week!

17 June, 2009

Not my mom,

but my good friends mom,
left us for her final journey,
She was way to young,
but could not fight her sickness any longer.

I would like to share this poem with you,
especially you who have experienced the loss of a mother.
I think it is very beautiful.

God looked around his garden-
and found an empty place.
He then looked down upon the earth
and saw my mom`s tired face.

He put his arms around her
and lifted her to rest.
God`s garden must be beautiful-
He only takes the best.

He saw her road was getting rough
and the hills were hard to climb.
So He closed her weary eyelids
and whispered; Peace Be Thine.

It broke my heart to lose my mom,
but she did not go alone..
For part of me went with her
the day God called her home.

I don`t know the authors name

15 June, 2009

Just back from Colorado

and the area around Estes Park.
We have found our paradise in the United States..
This is our second time here,
and we will be back for sure!

It is just a short flight from Texas,
and we loved to get away from the heat for a while.

We were able to drive into the Rocky Mountain National Park,
to view all these beautiful sights,

the Elks,

the mountains,

it was refreshing and "medicine for the soul"!

As an extra plus and ingredient to our trip,
we visited the "Wool Market" in Estes Park.
Lots of different sources of yarn,
homespun and home colored yarn was presented!

This vendor specialized in sheep wool.
She make some fantastic felted dolls,
and have had them represented at the Smithsonian.

My yarn and wool stash is now a "little bit" larger,
limited to what I could get in my suitcase
for the trip home.

We stayed here just long enough to be able to
explore the surrounding areas of Estes Park.

This is one of 3-4 trading posts in nearby Glen Haven.

This cute little cottage we eyed along the road.
Butterflies and everything purple.
One happy spirit must live here...

Det tar ca. to og en halv time med fly,
og vi kan omgi oss med denne nydelige naturen i Estes Park,
en liten by/tettsted
ved inngangen til Rocky Mountains National Park.
Her kan vi trekke frisk luft,
litt kjøligere enn den vi har hjemme i Texas,
og jeg kan innbille meg at jeg er i Norge en tur.
Dette er andre besøket vårt her,
og jeg håper vi får anledning til å komme tilbake.