26 November, 2012

Back in my third home again..

...in Cairo that is...
yes, it starts to feel like home now.
Even our four legged baby
is content. 

Most things have found its place,
TV, internet and phones are working,
food in the fridge,
and not to mention yarn,
lots of it,
in close reach.

I have my small garden spot,
temperatures are great for being outside.
Now I just need to slow down a bit 
and enjoy it,
find some time to work
with new designs.

Just back from the states
after 2 weeks there,
I will soon head to Norway 
to see my Norwegian grandchildren,
then to the states again,
before heading back to Egypt...

In between, 
we try to visit different sights here,
in and around Cairo.
Above, the woman sitting room
I could totally spend some time
by this window 
with a cup of coffee
and a knitting project in hand.

This weekend,
we had a great sightseeing trip.
and one of the sights we visited
was the "tent maker" area.
I got pleasantly surprised
over all the quilters 
who had their shops here.

Beautiful work,
and the needles were going 
as we watched.

It seamed like needlework
is an inherited art form
for several of these artists,
some of them young men.

Also this glass factory
is run by both father and son,
the son very proud of his father,
showing us a newspaper article
where he was spoken about.

I got out of there with a few wine glasses,
knowing I can get back if I need more.

 Have a nice week!