24 April, 2008

Mindless knitting

My fish are being worked on.
I am having house guests, girlfriends,
for a couple of weeks,
and needed a mindless knitting project
so that it wouldn't interfere with our chatting!

We have to catch up with everything,
since we haven't seen each other for a long time..

14 April, 2008

Weekend trip to Colorado

What a beautiful place!
Cold crisp air, blue sky, gorgeous nature.

We stayed in Golden,
a smaller town on the out skirts of Denver.
On our evening walk I captured some great pictures...

Outside Golden,
we visited a fantastic rock formation,
Red Rocks.

Having a geologist for a husband,
I got some good info about how these rocks were formed,
the sight was breath taking,
I have never seen anything like this...

One of the days we went to Estes Park,

and to the National Park near by.
And we found snow!! Jippi!!

See who we bumped into right in the small town center.
A large herd of Elk.

Next day we visited another small town
called Central City.

Driving there we had this fantastic view
of the Rocky Mountains. Beautiful!

We where told that Central City
is where the "Gold rush" started.
Now it is a town full of casino's and gamblers.

We went for a stroll,
and I have to admit
that I got the "ghost town feeling"..

It was sad to see all these pretty old houses,
I'm sure with bucket loads of history,
all with little shop front,
and all empty!

They where screaming for retail business.

I wish we had a little more time for exploring,
here was a lot of very interesting details!
I tried to imagine these streets 100 - 150 years ago,
it was like going back in time...

Vi hadde en fin tur til Colorado denne helga,
nydelig natur og masse frisk luft!

12 April, 2008

"Cute as a boot"

I have made many, many,
of these baby booties,
and finally got the pattern written down.
It was by requests from several other knitters.

The pattern is available
in both Norwegian and English.

The booties are knitted in garter stitch and felted.
It has a small crochet button for closing,
and fit a newborn.

Jeg har strikket mange av disse,
og garnet jeg har brukt er PT2.
Endelig har jeg fått skrevet ned
etter at flere har spurt etter det.

09 April, 2008

"Midnight Sun"

With warm reds and yellow,
these mittens got a good Nordic name.

It is my newest mitten pattern,
and I hope to be able to offer
yarn + pattern in "kits" in the near future.

For right now,
pattern can be ordered here.

Har inngått en avtale med Projo,
en norsk net butikk.
De vil om ikke så alt for lenge
kunne tilby mine votte mønster + garn,
på det nordiske markedet.

07 April, 2008

On the needles today

I am knitting this horse for my grandchild.
They will be moving to,
and living at this beautiful farm this summer,
located in the heart of Norway.

The farm is boarding several horses,
and they will be breeding Friesien horses.

The book is called "Dream Toys" and you can get it here.

The book contains several knitted toys,
and for the girls,
the horse can be made as a unicorn.
Very cute, I totally love the legs...