27 April, 2011

Lazy days....

The weather has been very nice,
and I have spent some time in the back yard.
Working this last pair of mittens 
has turned in to more work than first expected.

I am working them in several yarns
(this one in Cascade 220 Super-wash)
to see witch ones I like best.

The first pair was a little small,
this one is medium to large.
The last pair is on the the needles,
and I am using Rauma Finull.
Without changing the pattern,
Rauma knits up in a medium size,
(pictures will come)
but Rauma is not as soft as the other two yarns.

It has been a little windy
so even though its a little hot,
it really has not been too bad.

I have my spot in the shade
just like my four legged friend.
She is living lazy days.

And I love to watch  all the anoles lizards,
running all over the walls outside.

Our baby doves are growing up,
but they hang out in the the yard,
being close where they grew up.

Have a great spring everybody!

20 April, 2011

Santa Fe mittens

I wanted to show these, 
even though I am still working on the text.

The yarn is from a local yarn store in Taos, New Mexico,
so not very customer friendly.
Hard to get, and a little on the expensive side.
With three colors, let me see,
that would add up too about 60 - 70 dollars.
One could off course
 knit several pair of mittens 
from these three skeins alone.

I love the feel of it, 
the yarn is nice and soft.

So I am looking for a different yarn  at the moment...
 I will be back with more....
Tester ut forskjellige garntyper 
for dette nye mønsteret.
Tar gjerne imot forslag.
Satser på pinne nr 3.

07 April, 2011

Frijoles Canyon

What a fantastic experience it was to visit 
in the Bandelier National Park again.
The drive from Santa Fe is about one hour.

To walk around on this old ground
and imagine the Ancestral Pueblo people living here
is just amazing.

I want to go back in time.
I want to see them work, cook, play with their children,
and I want to see how they lived along, 
and climbed these cliffs.

The cliffs has natural openings or holes.
The Indians enlarged the holes and constructed stone dwellings 
in front of them.
This rock is actually volcanic ash,
compacted over time.

These housing units could be several stories tall,
and one can determine how many stories
by counting the horizontal rows of holes.
These smaller holes indicates the next floor/roof,
and the rooms were entered through an opening in the roof,
not through a door as we would do.

The tourist-tracks are off course made for easy excess.
On the cliff-wall are also many petroglyphs (carved symbols),
this one is maybe a turkey?

I allowed myself to use this symbol
as an inspiration for a new mitten design.

This is a "sneak peek", since I am still working on it. 
The colors I used are so special for the area,
the yarn is locally spun (Taos) and colored.
I really like the contrast of the turquoise
against the mud/dirt color. 
The diamonds are  made with duplicate stitches
to make it easier. 

Since this yarn can be hard to get hold of,
the pattern will be worked in a different yarn also.

Denne nasjonalparken var et av stedene 
vi besøkte i vinterferien.
Vi har vært her en gang før
og tregte ikke et øyeblikk på å gjenta opplevelsen.
Her er funn fra flere hundre(ca. 800) år f.Kr, 
og det er antatt at de siste innbyggerne 
levde her opp til ca. 1400 e.Kr.
Det er helt spesiellt å vandre blandt disse ruinene.
Små stier og trinn var tilrettelagt for turister.

Det var lett å bli inspirert,
så jeg har et nytt design mellom fingrene.
Garnet jeg bruker kjøpte jeg på turen,
så jeg skal få strikket opp vottene
i et litt mer forbrukervennlig garn også.
Håper du likte turen...