28 February, 2009

More Elizabeth Zimmermann...

...Baby Surprise jacket.

And hat from the left over yarn.

I had more of the yarn in my stash,
and knitted up another one,
for little boy.

I am planning to make one in a thicker yarn also,
maybe in Lopi?

Have a nice weekend!

God helg!

24 February, 2009

Elizabeth Zimmermann's Baby Surprise Jacket

I had to knit it,
it looked so fun, everybody else have made it,
and it was a perfect "on the road project".

I started Saturday,
finished Sunday, and started another one right away,
just in a different color.
Lots of babies are expected this year!

The yarn used is Classic Yarns Baby DK.
The knit is very soft, my new favorite yarn!
And I love the Peter Rabbit buttons
I found in my local yarn store!

Knitting on the edge...

...of the cliffs,
of Mt. Bonnell, Austin.
I had a "on the road project"
in my purse,
and no time get waisted...

The view from Mt. Bonnell is beautiful,

it's a short walk from the car,
and has good parking.

I love the worn lime stone path...

Check out how the rocks from the ground
have been lifted inside of the plant,
as it grew larger.

A great week end trip!
We here for about 4 years,
and we all miss the city,
atmosphere and friends..

Flowers in my friends beautiful garden...

Thanks for breakfast, Sue!

Vi hadde en kosetur til Austin sist weekend.
Besøkte venner og gamle trakter.
Austin var vårt hjem i 4 år,
byen har en helt spesiell atmosfære
med en sjarmerende blanding av gammelt og nytt.

Byen har et fantastisk musikk liv,
og ligger i begynnelsen av det de kaller Hill Country.
Herfra og vestover,
overrasker naturen deg med bakker,
fjell og små innsjøer.
Helt nydelig og verdt et besøk!

05 February, 2009

Yellow is for spring...

..... for egg yokes, chickens,
and yellow ribbons around a tree.
For the sunlight, daffodils,
and for the First Lady’s dress
on inauguration day.

The pattern is called "The First Lady".
It is not a political statement,
just letting you know
that inspiration can come
from many places...

Gult er en nydelig farge.
Jeg har lekt meg litt,

og syntes denne kombinasjonen
ble litt OK.

Håndbaken har jeg dekorert med
knuter i samme farge som
mønsteret på vristen....

Herlig vær i det siste,
på frysepunktet om natten,

men solskinn og godt om dagen.

Ettermiddags kaffen
blir drukket
i godstolen ute,
mens hundene holder meg med selskap,

og pinnene klirrer.

03 February, 2009

Bedding is done

...and sent off with UPS.
I sure hope it will fit the bed...

Click on picture to see the fabrics up close..