18 September, 2014

My summer vacation is over

... and what a summer it turned out to be.
Story continues below, 
I just want to show of my last creation first.

These are my last half mittens,
"Winter Morning"

They were created and worked
with a cast on my hand,
slowly, row by row...

Within the first weeks of summer,
I slipped on my kitchen floor 
and fractured my right wrist.
As a knitter and other wise a busy bee,
this was very bad news...
But knitting aside,
I had more serious things to handle.
Getting through the day
using only one hand,
turned in to being a bit of a challenge.
days and weeks have past, 
and I am back in business!

Before I broke my wrist,
I finished this jacket for my daughter.

The pattern is called 
Nordkappkofta or Odajakken.
Older Norwegian,
 traditional "kofte" patterns,
have gotten a huge interest lately,
especially among Norwegian knitters.

Then, as I was slowly healing,
and since I had a lot of yarn
left over from Odajakken,
I knitted this jacket from Ann Myhre.

The pattern is called Angry Sheep Cardigan,
a very popular design,
and perfect for remnant yarn.

So I got a bit done,
although my yarn basket
still has a couple of
unfinished projects.

Did I mention that I also managed
to step on a golfball size rock,
in a parking lot,
two weeks after the first fracture,
flattened out and broke my foot.
Good thing I don't knit with me feet...

And yes,
I am debating if bubble wrap might be
the way to go...

Have a great day
and be careful out there!