10 April, 2012

Upholstery of chair...

What did you do for Easter?
This is what I did...

I bought this chair at a consignment store,
thought it had good "bones"...
In a way it was OK,
but I already had some other plans for it.

Not really knowing what I was doing,
I started to rip...
No way back at this point...

Many layers of staples,
and ripping them out took hours!

I decided to leave the old fabric in place,
after making sure it wouldn't show through the new.

At the back I put in a small design,
making sure to center it before attaching.
It shows our initials in capital letters.

A few tools,
and a big mess...

A small foot stool was also covered,
and I am pleased with the result.

Visste nok ikke helt hva jeg la ut paa
da jeg angrep, 
og trekket om denne stolen i helga.
Men resultatet ble bra synes jeg.
Designet i ryggen er malt paa med tekstilmaling.
Designet bokstavene paa computeren,
og skar dem ut med skalpel = sjablong.

Ha en fin dag!

07 April, 2012

Introducing my newest shawl

...and it was pretty easy going,
a pattern that you memorize quickly.
In fact I might call this pattern 
Easy Going Shawl.

Perfect for bringing along
in the car,
or visiting with friends.

 I used Heritage Hand Painted Sock Yarn
from Cascade,
and 3,5 mm needles.

It is in fact the same yarn as I used
making the "Bestemor" Shawl.

The size is great,
it is pretty large,
about 32" (ca.82 cm) from the tip
to the neck line in the back,
and about 80" (ca.2 m) measured at the widest,
across the shoulders and down om each side.

I love this light blue color,
great for the summer,
and together with lighter colored clothing..

Even though I live in a rather hot climate,
I often get cold across my neck and shoulders,
so I bring a shawl.

Happy Easter!