30 June, 2015


It seams to me that there are 
never enough time to blog anymore..

Several knitted projects 
are being finished,
all of them in wool,
 off course.

Having grand children 
in colder climates,
gives me the opportunity 
to work up a few projects.

Wool is a natural fiber
to choose for chilly days.

This jacket is maid with
remnants from another project,
and the "other project"
is moms jacket,
pattern design from Ann Myhre.

The child pattern comes in 4 sizes,
1 (2) 3 - 4 (5 - 6) years 

Use leftovers fingering yarn, 
for example:
Rauma Finull, Kauni, PT2, 
Cascade Fingering etc.

4 colors are used in the samples,
but there are no limits to
how many can be used.

The jacket is worked in the round
with steek sts in the front.

Secure the stitches with
sewing machine seams,
 before cutting.

The edges are worked last,
and on the wrong side,
work facing
 to cover the raw edges of the steek. 

Pick up sts using a crochet hook.

Pattern can be found at 
Ravelry and at Etsy


07 June, 2015

A morning at the Tentmakers in Cairo

Yes, they make tents.
For desert camping,
or for your garden.
Whatever you want,
they will make it.
- just not a lot of customers...

Big piles of tents,
how about a miniature tent...

Cairo are very low on visitors these days.
It is sad...
This early morning 
as we walked between
tent makers and quilters,
here was only TWO visitors 
as far as we could see...
It was myself and my friend.

Every few meters
quilters are sitting,
making their fabulous artworks.
The hands moving so fast
that I cant get a sharp picture.

It is all applique,
great color work,

traditional designs,

piles high.

We met this designer,

who started to sew
as a five year old,
like his father and grand father
before him.
A family tradition.

He was very proud of his designs
for good reasons!

But he, as so many others,
need the tourism to come back...

Back on the street

we see other trades.

Woven rugs and pillows,

all colorful
and beautiful,


and a cat on his scooter..

Have a nice day!