11 June, 2011

Vogue Knitting LIVE 2011

...I will be there!

On their web side they write:
"Vogue Knitting LIVE in LA 
will be the knitting event of the year! 
A star-studded celebration filled with fashion,
fiber and education......"
I got an invitation to showcase my "stuff",
and arrangements are made!
It is very exiting,
I have never been to LA,
- not that I will have much time for sightseeing...

was a success,
and we hope this one, in LA,
will be as great!

Lots of packing and knitting of samples 
will be going on
between now and then,
so I better get busy!

Maybe I will see some of you there as well?

02 June, 2011

Here they are, the Santa Fe mittens....

....all of them finished, in 3 types of yarn.
When I work the samples, 
I often make up one mitten in each size,
worrying about finishing the pair later on
(ofte strikker jeg kun EN vott i hver størrelse,
og bekymrer meg heller siden 
om å strikke ferdige par).

As you know, I love New Mexico. 
It is so inspiring walking the streets 
of Santa Fe, Albuquerque and Taos,
studying the architecture, the old churches, 
the people, the wide range of artists,
the nature, the colors, the history.
 (New Mexico er et herlig sted.
Det er utrolig inspirerende å vandre rundt i 
Santa Fe, Albuquerque og Taos.
En fargerik blanding av kunstnere og indianere, 
fastboende og turister.
Rik historisk bakgrunn, adobebygninger, 
gamle kirker og ikke minst naturen rundt).

The charts in this pattern are the same for all sizes,
it all depends on your choice of yarn
(diagrammet er det samme for alle størrelser,
det er  garnet som bestemmer hvor stor votten blir).

For the small size 
I used a sport weight yarn similar to null
(mine was local yarn from null),
but check the gauge before starting.
They are 9 1/2“ long and about 4” wide
(liten: lengde 24 cm, bredde ca. 10 cm).

For the medium size
I chose Rauma Finullgarn.
They are 11“ long and about 4 1/2” wide
(middels: lengde 28 cm, bredde ca. 11,5 cm).

For the largest size
I chose Cascade 220 Superwash.
They measure11 1/2“ and are about 4 3/4” wide
(stor: lengde 29 cm, bredde ca. 12 cm).

The pattern is available at Etsy in either Norwegian or in English,
(Ravelry, mønster på norsk kan lades ned direkte, her).