31 May, 2009

What a gorgeous day!

We have spent the entire day outside,
swimming, knitting, snacking...

Check out our Serrano peppers!

And the tomatoes!

I am working on several things at the moment.

This shawl has followed me on my recent trip,
brainless knitting..

I made one earlier (see here) in rust colors.
But for myself I think I might prefer these blue shades.

The yarn is from Knit Picks,
and the pattern from Drops.

Its blooming in my yard.
Plants that can take the heat,
and not a lot of water!

I am also working on a new pattern.

Still struggling a little with shape and color,
but not really in a hurry to hit the finish line.

The squirrel is watching me from the roof top..

27 May, 2009

I am back!

...after two great weeks in my beloved Norway!

I got to see children and grandchildren,

and I got to enjoy our National Day,
the 17. of May.
This year celebrated in Norway,
12 years since last time..

The mountains had snow,
the apple trees where blooming,
and the weather was nice.

At the local museum,
"De Heibergske Samlinger".
I found this gorgeous, old, knitted jacket,
in their collection.

These old handmade and embroidered baby hats
were used for Christening.

Walking outside,
the museum has collected
about 40 antiquarian buildings from the Middle Ages.

Many of these with original furniture.

I highly recommend anyone traveling in the area
to visit the museum!
And bring your family too..!

Da har jeg hatt 2 herlige uker i Norge.
Epletrærne var i full blomst,
og kontrasten mellom blomstring og snedekte fjell
var et fantastisk syn.

Løvetannen var også i full blomst,
og selv om den er hatet av mange,
så er den bare vakker,
det synes nå i allefall jeg!

04 May, 2009

My treasured heirloom

A few years ago,
my dear aunt gave me this jacket,
a very, very special heirloom.
Only having boys of her own,
she wanted me to have it.
I cherish it with all my heart,
even more now,
as she is not around anymore.

It was hand-knitted by herself,
it is absolutely beautiful,
and it is in a perfect condition.

At first, I thought part of it looked like it was wowen,
but after a closer look,
I believe it is a very tight knitted Moss Stitch.
This shows better on the inside
than on the outside of the jacket.

Looking at the inside,
I noticed a couple of things.
The edges are not cut,
so the pieces has been knitted "back and forward",
witch make it a bit harder when you knit Fair Island.

I can only see very few wrapped floats on the back side,
but the stitches are still very even.

The jacket has pewter hooks for closing,
very typical and also used a lot with the Scandinavian kofte,
and sweaters.

She had kept it in a box for many years,
and I will estimate the jacket to be about 65 years old.

I have used it for special occasions,
but living in the Texas heat,
it only see the daylight every know and then...

Denne nydelige jakken ble gitt til meg for noen år siden.
Min kjøre tante Astri strikket den for mange år siden,
antagelig i etterkrigsårene.
Jeg setter umåtelig stor pris på den,
spesiellt nå når hun ikke er her lengre.
Som bunadene våre,
så blir den ikke brukt så mye som den fortjener,
ikke her i Texas varmen,
men jeg liker å ta den frem og se på den av og til...

01 May, 2009

Stine`s jacket

Just put together yesterday,
with buttons and all..

It has been sitting unfinished for a while,
because I noticed that part of the jacket
was knitted with yarn in a wrong dye lot.
It really aggravated me to the point
where I just let it sit in the basket...

I have decided to leave it as it is,
since unless it`s pointed out to you,
you can`t really see the difference.

For this one I used
Debbie Bliss`s "baby cash merino"
and US 2 needles (3 mm).
The pattern is my own
and does not exist on paper.

Endelig er denne baby jakken ferdig.
Den ble slengt tilsides

da jeg oppdaget at deler av den

var strikket med samme garn,

men feil fargenummer.

Det var så ergerlig,

og jeg ser ikke syn på å strikke den om igjen.

Vanligvis pleier jeg å rekke opp igjen
når jeg har gjort en feil,

for selv om det er lite synlig,

så vet jeg om det,
og klarer å ergre meg over det...