29 August, 2008

Finishing writing the "Mormor Shawl" pattern...

... as we are all waiting for what direction
the hurricane Gustav is taking.

We are not going anywhere,
unless it gets VERY bad..

I have filled up the car,
bought lots of water and batteries
in case the electricity brakes down.

I guess we'll know more by Sunday..

The link to the pattern is here.

Mormor Shawl mønsteret ligger her,
beklager at jeg glemte å legge ut link tidligere!

25 August, 2008

Søndags ettermiddag...

er den varmeste måneden i året.

Det ser så innbydende ut,
men jeg lover at her er det HETT.
Ca. 37-38 C i skyggen,
og vannet holder godt over 30 C.

Men man blir da våt.
Og kombineres det med å sitte i skyggen,
under vifta,

og med ei kald Corona,
så blir ettermiddagen ganske lat og levelig likevel..

Og (begeistret!),
jeg har fått EN lime
på lime treet mitt!!

Dessuten fikk jeg strikket et par "gi bort votter"
denne helga,
så jeg var ikke helt i koma..

August is the hottest month in Texas.
You gotta be inside in air condition,
or go for a dip...

23 August, 2008

Et skap fullt av vesker...

må ut og luftes i solen...

Det var visst i fjor
at jeg strikket alle disse veskene,
og hadde det kjempegøy med farger,
og herlig søramerikansk garn.

et aldeles herlig og mykt garn
som tover uhyggelig fort.
Og også en del Lambs Pride, tror jeg.

Hadde det med å stappe dem i skapet
(der alt det ferdig strikkede havner,
det som jeg ikke har noen andre planer med).

De tar opp litt plass,
så jeg lurer litt på hva jeg skal gjøre med dem...

Jule messer er ikke helt min ting,
i allefall ikke her i Texas.

Vanskelig å selge ull her,
omtrent som å selge is på Nordpolen
vil jeg tro..

Her er ialle fall bilder av noen av dem.

20 August, 2008

Viking Marked in Norway

This summer I got to visit
the Viking Marked in Gudvangen,
located in the end of a famous Norwegian fjord,
This is a very narrow fjord,
a "side-fjord" to Sognefjorden,
witch again is the worlds longest and deepest fjord.
Together with 2 of my daughters and 2 grandchildren,
we made it a day trip,
traveling from Kaupanger, with the ferry.
At the same time,
my son,

my son in law, his brother, and my grandson,
sailed/rowed my son's wooden boat
the same distance.

It took them 15-16 hours (!!),
do to the fact that the wind was absent.

The Viking Marked is a yearly tradition
(plan your next vacation!),
this year it was in late July .
There are a growing interest for Viking life,
how they lived, worked, their craft,
and this Marked is put together by Njardar Vikinglag.
If you go to their web site,
you can view lots of pictures
from different festivals around the country.

A couple of girls worked on their projects,
using an old method called Nålebinding.
The Vikings made their clothes,
using this method,
and this was before knitting was even invented.

I got very inspired,
turned to the "net" the same evening,
and thought myself the method
from info found on this web site.
I have a long way to go,
at this point I am still practicing.

I also got to buy yarn(yippie),
colored at the camp.

I love this color especially,

and I am looking forward to use it
for something special.

...and maybe I'll see you at the Marked next year?

Fra Viking Markedet i Gudvangen i sommer.

16 August, 2008

"Spring Thaw Socks"

I fell for these.
Pattern from "Knitter's" s Summer 2008 issue.
Very simple design,
a row of leaves up along both sides.

I am using Fortissima/Socka,
from Schoeller and Stahl,
and needle # 2.5 mm.

The yarn is nice and thin,
and these socks are very fun to knit.

Gotta go,
Phelps is going for his 8th Olympic gold!

15 August, 2008


with knitting design,
can be purchased here..

Black or pink with white print.

Fikk bare lyst til å prøve noe nytt,
så jeg fikk trykket opp noen T - skjorter
med design fra min logo.
De kan kjøpes via Etsy.

14 August, 2008

Cotton washing clothes...

or dish rags?

I haven't decided yet.
But here is my mindless Olympics knitting,
so far..

I have a lot this cotton yarn sitting around:
"Sumatra" from Per Tryving,
50 gr.= 85 m
I used needles #4 (european size)

Anything cuter than a bathing baby ?

How can I not show of this huggable bundle of joy...

This is my youngest grandchild,
playing in cold Norwegian "summer-temperated-water".
Check the snow on the mountains in the background!
He show no hesitation at all!

He is crazy for water,
clothes, - no problems...

What is this?
Can I eat it?

10 August, 2008

A hike to above the tree line.....

We went on this beautiful hike,
to the mountain pastures,
where the farm used to send
their herd of cows and sheep in the summer.

It turned out to be a little more of a hike then expected,
do to the fact that a gate across the gravel road was locked,
and we had to park our cars
further down the valley then first planned.

About 2 hours later,
and after lots of brakes to catch the breath,
we where above the part of the mountain
that is normally covered with woods.
The openness of the plateau was around us in all directions.

We met some of the summer campers,
they where of a curious nature,
but didn't have much to say.

The guys wanted to fish,
all I could think of was coffee...

No Starbucks,
but inside the old summer house
I found an old coffee pot,
coffee and sugar cubes.

The sugar cubes for my youngest,
and "never has a sandwich tasted this good",
she said.

About 10 trouts later,
we found our way back to the civilization.