28 March, 2012


... from Japan,
contacted me
with this cute idea. 
She used my miniature mittens
as a book mark.

I love it and I think it looks great!

Some years ago
I made several pairs of these tinyest
mittens for a store in Thailand.
The owner had 
a few Scandinavian customers,
and she thought they would appreciate
them as Christmas decorations.

This pair of mittens
found its way to Sapporo, Japan.
Soyoko and her sister
where they sell vintage items
from all over the world.

You can get the mitten pattern here.

Soyoko fra Japan 
sendte meg disse bildene.
Syntes det var en glimrende ide
aa bruke vottene som bokmerke.

27 March, 2012

We are blessed...

with  this great weather.
All two legged and four legged are out enjoying it.

My back yard is home to many Anoles.
They are green, or brown,
and they are everywhere...
I love them.
My daughter tries to catch them,
sometimes she is lucky..

I am not sure if the squirrels or the birds eats them,
they might not manage to catch any
since they move so fast..

Eini sure knows how to make herself comfortable,
watching the squirrels from her cahir.

And comfortable we are,
with a little sun on the body
and with a knit project in hand..

The last few days I have discovered
Monarch caterpillars on our Milkweed plants.

It is so exiting to see them grow,
and with their enormous appetite eating the leaves,
I will probably have to "emergency plant" some more.

We really enjoy this beautiful creation!

Down by the creek
the turtles are sunbathing as well.

But they don't like to be disturbed,
and dive in the water if they get disturbed.

I think its time for a cup of coffee.....

22 March, 2012

It's spring!

Lovely weather,
perfect temperature,
birds chirping

and flowers blooming!
It's medicine for the soul.

What more can one ask for?

Our Toller, Eini, 
enjoy all the scents along the trail.

It feels good to get out,
breath the fresh air,
let your mind rest.

This Heron kept a watchful eye on us...

He felt a little uneasy,
and lifted to the sky 
after posing for me.

Morgenstund har gull i munn.
Hadde en deilig tur naa i morges.
Naa er det tid for en kopp kaffe
som skal nytes i godstolen ute...

04 March, 2012


Mistakes happens.

My husband would probably say 
that I'm a perfectionist.
He can't understand how I can 
unravel and start over.
but I don't think I am.

I could let it slide,
I think,
but if I get a chance to fix my mistakes
I would probably, 
most lightly, do it....

It was easiest to pick up the stitches
 from the back this time,
unraveling each stitch as I go.

All the stitches are back on the needle,
and the rest of the day 
you will probably find me here....

Have a great Sunday!