10 December, 2012

Endelig i mål

Siste sting med hvitt på hvitt idag,
og ikke et minutt for tidlig!
Dette sendes til Husfliden for ferdigstilling
så snart jeg kommer til Norge til uken.

Har jobbet jevnt og trutt
med bunadskjorte brodering de siste månedene.
Selve stakken fikk jeg ferdig før sommeren,
så den er nå montert og klar.

Det har blitt lite strikking innimellom,
gav meg ikke helt lov til det...
Så nå skal det bli godt
å bruke pinnene igjen.

Startet  på en lue i går kveld,
kanskje jeg får dette mønsteret skrevet
i løpet av julen.

Ha en fin advent tid!

08 December, 2012

December trip in the desert

Yesterday we had a great trip,
three families in three cars.
(Make sure to click on the pictures for better view)

A safety concern driving in the desert
is if the car brake down.
So never go alone!

 Hi, another car!

One can feel far from civilization, some times,
travelling on road tracks
marked with rocks.

There are always room, even if all the seats are taken.

We covered several sites.

First stop was at lake Qarun.
Great to get out of the dust and traffic in Cairo,
and rest our eyes on this peaceful lake.

The fishermen were in their boats,
gathering their nets.

A little morning fog was still hanging over the lake,
giving it a soft frame.

Next stop was the Waterfalls at Wadi Fayoum Oases.
Waterfall in the desert?

However the beautiful colored boats 

and the fishermen
caught my interest.

Also the horses,
well decorated with colorful saddles,

and this colorful woman,
selling her shell-bead necklaces
hanging from her head.
(She charged me for the picture...)

On the shore,
a shelter for the sun,
or maybe a bed for the night.

06 December, 2012

Easy Sweater


Its done,
it was a quick and easy project.

So no I can think about something
more inspiring to make...
If you like it,
you can find the pattern,
written in both English
and Norwegian,

Desert trip tomorrow!

03 December, 2012

Great yarn...

...and great price too!

Shopping at Tuesday Morning
always result in
coming out of the store 
with more than I planned for
going in..
I happens that I find
some skeins of yarn,
but I never found a treasure 
like this before.

Araucania  Milodon
to a low price of $ 8.99 a skein,
four of them!
100% wool, hand dyed in Chile,
at the moment
being transformed into a sweater

for my favorite 5 year old.
The question is,
can I get it done in time
for my trip to Norway.

26 November, 2012

Back in my third home again..

...in Cairo that is...
yes, it starts to feel like home now.
Even our four legged baby
is content. 

Most things have found its place,
TV, internet and phones are working,
food in the fridge,
and not to mention yarn,
lots of it,
in close reach.

I have my small garden spot,
temperatures are great for being outside.
Now I just need to slow down a bit 
and enjoy it,
find some time to work
with new designs.

Just back from the states
after 2 weeks there,
I will soon head to Norway 
to see my Norwegian grandchildren,
then to the states again,
before heading back to Egypt...

In between, 
we try to visit different sights here,
in and around Cairo.
Above, the woman sitting room
I could totally spend some time
by this window 
with a cup of coffee
and a knitting project in hand.

This weekend,
we had a great sightseeing trip.
and one of the sights we visited
was the "tent maker" area.
I got pleasantly surprised
over all the quilters 
who had their shops here.

Beautiful work,
and the needles were going 
as we watched.

It seamed like needlework
is an inherited art form
for several of these artists,
some of them young men.

Also this glass factory
is run by both father and son,
the son very proud of his father,
showing us a newspaper article
where he was spoken about.

I got out of there with a few wine glasses,
knowing I can get back if I need more.

 Have a nice week!

23 October, 2012

Sahara Sjal

Endelig kan jeg få lagt ut dette sjalet.
Har jobbet med det gjennom sommeren,
samtidig som jeg har reist frem og tilbake 
over antlanteren noen ganger.
Jeg har vært på flyttefot
mer eller mindre siden i Juni,
men nå er vi heldigvis i hus!

Strikkingen er kun en liten del av et mønster.
Det skal også skrives,
fotograferes, teststrikkes,
og korrekturleses.
Takk for all hjelp til Liv og Monica!
Når vi alle befinner oss spredt utover på kartet,
ikke bare på norgeskartet,
tar det bittelitt lengre tid til å få samkjørt alt.

Foreløpigt er mønsteret
 kun tilgjengelig på Norsk.
På Etsy, her, og på Ravelry, her,
men det kommer på Engelsk etterhvert.

Bildene av sjalet er faktisk tatt i selveste Sahara,
på en varm dag.
Dagene i Egypt er fortsatt varme,
men om kveldene synker temperaturen litt.

Ha en fortsatt fin dag!

07 October, 2012

Mohamed "Alabaster"

Everybody need to visit 
the Alabaster Factory!

It is located on the edge of
 the "Garbage City" in Cairo,
close to the Citadel.

This is a family business,
at least two generations
works here.

We were here first time in March 2012,
and today we were
welcomed back.

Mohamed is a happy guy,
and a good sales man.
He will welcome you to the shop!
The factory has also two outlets in Maadi,
one at road 9 and one at road 231.

The factory has a large show room.

Table lamps, chandlers, sconces,
vases, jars, soap dishes and more.

The Alabaster shows its real beauty
as soon as it is held up
against the light.

The floor lamp above went home with us,
among a few other things.

The alabaster rocks gets transferred 
in to pieces of art.

The workers are doing a fantastic job!
Every rock is beautiful polished
to perfection.

Happy faces all the way around..

Outside on the street
I met these cute girls and their younger brother.
They were practicing their English
and asked to be photographed.

Hope you enjoyed the trip.
Have a great day!