27 August, 2009

The baby jacket that got used one time...

We had a cold enough day in Norway
this summer,
cold enough to wear mormors knitted jacket.

Made for a smaller baby,
it was a little snug for our little Kaja,
so I am guessing it will be put away after this.

21 August, 2009

Another EZ

This one for a friends newborn son,
Drew is his name..
Living in Texas
it might not ever be used though...

I am not sure how many I have knitted,
but the pattern is very easy going
for "mindless knitting".

This color combination feels soothing to me.

The buttons I found at Twisted Yarn,
my local yarn store.

20 August, 2009

Showing off a cute jacket

I took these pictures a few weeks ago,
and wanted to show off this very cute knitted jacket.
And off course also the cutest little guy ever,
modeling it!

It is made by coffelady,
A Norwegian woman,
living in the northern part of the US,
and who has a great shop at Etsy.

Great jacket for a chilly Norwegian summer day.

17 August, 2009

Viking inspired wedding for my daughter and her husband

I have been slow going
with the knitting needles this summer,
do to lots of preparations for my daughters wedding.

What a special experience it was!
All the guests dressed in "viking" inspired customs,
or traditional Norwegian outfits (bunad).

The couple were taken over the Kaupanger bay
in my sons very special wooden boat,
called "Åfjord seksring".

They are now happily off to a Honeymoon destination,
and I am back to my home away from home...