29 June, 2008

Og så pøøøste det ned...

Vi satt ute under tak og nøt regnværet.
Det kom i bøtter og spann,
2-3 cm på ganske få minutter,

..men ikke så lett å ta bilde av..

Etterpå er luftfuktigheten stor.
Sola dukker opp igjen,
og vi søker tilflukt inne.
Verden kan jammen være litt omvendt
av og til...

26 June, 2008

Second Tarantula in two days..

My Son-in-law found a Tarantula
in his back yard yesterday.
When he first saw it,
he thought it was a kitten running across the patio.
That first one went to visit their neighbor,
who panicked and killed it with a rake.

Walking up the side of the house..

Today he found another one.
This one was running sideways
up the outside wall of the house.

Click to enlarge the picture.
It's so hairy and the legs are just like thick straws!

My daughter had him catch it in a Tupperware box,
to let it loose in a field further down the street.
She felt bad about killing it,
even though she was terrified.

And did I mention
that we are driving up to visit them tomorrow...
I will keep an eye out, and look for it.

Denne karen spaserte rundt i hagen til datteren min.
Det er den andre de har funnet nå på 2 dager.
Denne måler ca 12 cm i diameter.
Ikke rart de har på støvler
og lange bukser når de slår plenen,
selv om grade stokken står på rundt om 35 grader..

25 June, 2008

Finally done!

This throw was started last summer.
I got so tired of knitting those small fishes,
180 all together!
(I looked up this word: What is the plural of Fish,
is it Fish or Fishes?
If you are talking about more than one fish
of the same species it's "fish",
if you are talking about more than one species of fish,
then it's "fishes. Go figure..!)

Well, I put it away over the winter,
got it out this spring,
and "Hurray",
it's done!!

Knitted in Smart from Sandnes Ullvare,
and 100% wool.
It feels pretty heavy,
so this will be warm!

I'm off to finish more UFO's...

Endelig ferdig med "fisketeppet".
Det ble uendelig kjedelig mot slutten,
180 fisk i Smart garn på pine nr. 3,5
Men i dag kan jeg altså "heise flagget", jippi!

20 June, 2008

On my needles today

...is a scarf knitted
with a mix of "leftover" yarn
from my sock projects.

The pattern is called
"Wrap me up",
and it is from
Knitting At KNoon

The pattern call for a different kind of yarn,
self striping or painted,
but this work fine for me.

The shawl above is taking it's time.
Yarn used is Ranco/Mulity
from Araucania.
I am hoping to have the pattern ready next week.

Have a nice weekend!

Jeg har blitt tagget

........av Wenche.

Hver spiller svarer på spørsmål om seg selv.
I slutten av innlegget gir du det videre til
6 andre personer og fører opp navnene deres
og ber de lese i din blogg.
La personen som tagget deg
vite når du har lagt inn svar.

1. Hva jeg gjorde for 10 år siden?
Da hadde jeg nettopp flyttet til Dallas i Texas.
Prøvde så godt som mulig å venne meg til varmen,
samtidig som jeg jobbet i en møbel/interiør butikk.

2. Nevn 5 ting som du har/hadde
på "gjøre lista" di i dag.

Handle runde i stoff butikk
(leter etter noe stoff å ta med hjem i sommer)
Se film med min datter (jeg strikker..)
Pakke garn/mønsterpakker for salg

3. snack jeg liker?
Suuure drops
Norsk melkesjokolade

4. Ting jeg vil gjøre som milliardær?
Bygge meg et sted i Norge
Gi bort litt her og der

5. Steder jeg har bodd?
Født og oppvokst i Egersund -
Birkeland - Sandnes - Stavanger - Dallas - Austin - Houston
Tre siste i Texas

Ta opp stafettpinnen hvem som helst som har lyst

16 June, 2008

And what's the problem again..?

Sunday was Fathers Day,
and this is the present my dear hubby got
from one of our daughters.
I don't get it..!

13 June, 2008

Fingerless mittens

These are a slightly lighter weight then my other mittens,
but still to warm to wear this time of the year.
However, I enjoyed making these,
the pattern is easy to remember,
it goes over 6x10 sts,
and gets repeated after that.

The yarn I used is Fortissima/socka
from Schoeller and Stahl,
about 50 gr.
At the moment I am knitting another pair,
using 100% Alpakka 3/10
from “Du Store Alpakka”.
A friend of mine sent me this yarn from Norway,
I love it, it is very soft.
Needles: 2.5 mm (US 1-2)

You can get the pattern on Etsy
or on Ravelry.

Summer in Norway

It's almost vacation time,
and I am getting very exited about going home!
My daughter sent me some pictures today,
and I just have to share them.

Old part of Stavanger

Ølberg harbor

A beach at Jæren, Nærland

Amla in Sognefjorden.
The picture is rephotographed from a calender made for Hardanger Tinn

We will be spending about 3 weeks here
in this paradise, this summer.
Actually on the very farm,
barely visible,
with a red barn and houses,
behind the apple-tree branches.

10 June, 2008

ABC - about myself

I got this request from Turvid, and thought I would play the game of naming things about myself, using the Alphabet as a guideline:

A: Alien(I have my green card), active, addicted to yarn, airhead
B: Beer drinker (only good beer and only sometimes)
C: Creative, crazy (a little..), coffee drinker
D: Designer, dog lover, dreamer
E: Entertaining
F: Fast knitting, friendly, flower lover, funny
G: Garden fixer upper, girl, goof-ball, grandmother of three, graphic designer
H: Hectic, hilarious, homesick
I: Intense, ice cream lover, illustrator
J: Jeff's wife, Jeff's friend, Jazzercise addict
K: Knitter, Kit maker
L: Lean, longing, living
M: Marching band loving, mother of 5, mother in law, mental case (just kidding..)
N: Norwegian, nature lover
O: Obsessive, overachiever
P: Protective, perfectionist, painter
Q: Quilter (not as much as I used to..), queso dipping chips eater
R: Ravelry member
S: Stubborn, sensitive, sleep deprived, sister of two, spiritual
T: Telephone talking, teeth grinding
U: Unpredictable
V: Verified
W: Wool lover, Wii player, witty
X: x'y
Y: Yarnie
Æ: Ærbødig
Ø: Økonomisk(??)
Å: Årvåken

I am inviting Hannesol, Saga, Berit T, Monai and Marihøna to play the game...
Gjerne på norsk...

09 June, 2008

Big yawn

I get it,
reading the blog is boring..
Or maybe she's just tired of being inside,
watching me knit,
instead of going for a walk...
It's just to hot to walk these days.

I have new stuff on my needles,
and I'm working on writing the pattern.

Hope you are enjoying your summer!

07 June, 2008

Art class

School is out,
so my daughter (almost 15) took an art class last week,
and this is the result.
I love this fox,
and think she did a great job!

Skole ferien er her,
og min datter (snart 15)
har tatt et tegnekurs denne uka.

Måtte bare si at jeg syntes hun gjorde en glimrende jobb

med denne reven!

02 June, 2008


House shoes to put in your purse,
to bring with you when you visit someone with cold floors..

These are very fast and fun to knit.
I have seen them on many Norwegian blogs
and figured I could knit some for a small present..

I am using yarn from my stash.
These are knitted in Tiur from Gjestdal,
white and light blue, needles 4 mm.

Disse var kjekke og forte å strikke.
Fant mønsteret på en norsk blog,
tror det var Mimouna's blog....

Blir nok flere etter hvert.

01 June, 2008

House Shoes/Strikka tøfler

My mother used to knit socks/house shoes like these.
I never had a pattern for them,
so I wrote one.

You can find the pattern HERE for free!

Disse tøflene kjenner du kanskje igjen.
Et nokså vanlig mønster.
Jeg har forandret det litt
og lagt ut min forklaring HER.

Det står på både engelsk og norsk.