23 April, 2013

Lovebirds Hat

So after travels back and forth 
over the Atlantic
a few times this year,

I finally had enough time 
to finish the second of my hat patterns
written and worked this winter.

This hat is made
to match the Lovebirds mittens,
shown below.

Mittens and hat are both worked in
Cascade 220 wool.

One skein in each color suggested,
is enough for both the hat and the mittens.

I have used this yarn for several of my 
mitten designs,
and find it nice and soft
and very easy to work with.

All my patterns can be found at Ravelry and at Etsy.
They are written in 2 languages,
Norwegian and English.
At this point both Ravelry and Etsy 
offers direct download of patterns,
however I still send the Etsy orders manually,
because it takes some time to load all my files
to the Etsy store.
But I am working on it,
and will have all my patterns 
available for downloads very soon.

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and enjoy your knitting!