14 February, 2013

What can be better

..than an early morning in bed
with grandchildren...

I feel so blessed
and cherish every moment I have
with them.
 Family is so important,
and idealistically
I would love to live closer 
to them all!
But it is easier said than done,
so we need to have a lot of 
quality time whenever its possible..

 I wasn't sure
if the girls were to young
to play with these dolls,
it can be a little tricky to get the clothes on,
So mormor only made one doll
to start with...

The youngest one crawled in bed with me last,
and the first thing out of her mouth was:
" Where is mine...?"
Her sister was playing with 
the only doll that I had made,
so the 2 year old figured 
she could put the already finished clothing
directly on top of the pictures in the book.
Too cute!

Bless her heart!
Within the hour
I was knitting halfway up the leg
on the second doll,
and a few days later,
Annalola was born...

Having to board a plane pretty soon,
the third doll,
for my third little grand daughter,
will be on my needles.

Have a great Valentines Day!


05 February, 2013


about "Strikkedukker"
at my local Barnes and Nobel.
Oh Joy!!

It is like being a kid again.
This is how my interest for knitting started
many years ago,
too many years....

I used to get all my mothers leftover yarn,
made small miniature yarn balls,
all colors, all thicknesses,
mostly wool.
It was my treasure.

With a rubber band tied around
the end of a couple of staight needles,
 I was set for hours of fun.

So far I only made one doll
from the book.
I had to much fun making clothes
and getting her all dressed up.

Having several little "grandgirls"
I might have to make a couple more...

Have a nice day,
I am enjoying mine...