31 October, 2006

Lilla veske

Another Lonesome Skein project is this knitted and felted purse.
The yarn is Rio De La Plata,
100% Uruguayan Wool.
Color: Blue Iris.

30 October, 2006

Step one and two

Step three and four

This was made to be a Lonesome Skein project, but I added a couple of leftover colors to add some interest.
I wanted to show how a purse get made, from A to Z (A til AA). Knitted in Lambs Pride, needles US 15 (10 mm). Felted in the washing machine, and dried. I pull and stretch a bit, and in some cases, like here, I force it into a certain shape by putting something inside. Here I used a spaghetti jar, most times I use polyester filling to hold the shape under drying.

I added a few little "knots" for decor..

29 October, 2006


Next weekend I will be at a local Christmas Fair, so this week will be busier then ever!
The weekend after that, I am participating in an Exhibition a" Fiesta Gallery" at Rocky Hill, in Fredericksburg, Texas.
The sewing machine, and knitting needles will be going nonstop. Here I am.....

New kitchen

We are living with no running water, and no possibilities to cook, in the kitchen. The last days have been a mess, having workers in the house 8 hours a day. But I can already see that we have way more cabinet space, and things are easily accessible.
Not being able to cook inside, Jeff has grilled some kind of "scout" meals on the grill, potatoes and vegetables, and today, pork chops. Its tasted pretty good, considering the paper plates and forks... We will still have to wait for the counter tops for a while, and after they are in, I will be doing the tiling work myself.
I will make sure to post the before and after pictures as soon as its done.

Foot stool

Found these at a local antic store.
The stool is now fixed up, and I am working on the chair.. Maybe tomorrow?

27 October, 2006

26 October, 2006


These pulse warmers where a present from a friend, for my daughter, and I think they are just a beautiful piece of work. They hold a mountain of beads.

25 October, 2006

Pink for a little girl

I need to take pictures of everything I make, for my portfolio. So yesterday was a good day for getting up to date. I also try to remember to write instructions, in case I need to reproduce something later. These 2 pink purses was just a test, and they came out kind of cute. Feel free to comment...

New purchase

Got this on a fair the other day. On sale - summer colors. The tassels had to go! Great for yarn projects, because it has pockets on the outside for needles!

24 October, 2006

My animal lover

Horseback riding is a must, living in Texas. From a riding camp last weekend.


Again a small project, used yarn from PT, Sumatra, 100% cotton, and some fabric remnants.

23 October, 2006

Feltet chicken purse

This summer when I went home to Norway, I wanted to knit something in yellow, and bought some PT2 yarn. Norwegian yarn, pretty thin, great to felt with.
So the chicken was "born". I wrote down the pattern as I went, in case I wanted to make another one.

22 October, 2006

Did you know this...

Blogspot do not work well together with Internet Explorer! Download Mozilla Firefox, and all the stuff you thought you had lost on your blog, is still there. Also viewers that use Internet Explorer might have difficulties seeing everything. My blog is now connecting through Mozilla.


They come in all sizes. These three are made for a special project, 6-7 cm (about 3") high. I made a similar for my niece's wedding, for the flower girl.


Just a little update on the blue and pink purse... Now lined, and with a new "diddelydutt" on the front. A little better, but not my favorite color.

19 October, 2006

Build a Bear

Made this dress for Tiril's "Build a Bear" a while ago. Kept the picture in my file...
I heard that these custom filled stuffies are getting really popular in Europe also. Wish I had that idea first!

18 October, 2006

NeoCounter - fun!!

I love the NeoCounter! It is so fun to actually see that people visit my page from all over the world!
Feel free to leave a comment or write in my guestbook!

My Baby Booties

Here is my dearest creation. I make these in several colors. Fits babies,
0 - 3 months.
They are so fuzzy and cute, knitted and felted.

Relaxed anyone?

How much can a dog sleep? This is a typical Eini position, close to my feet, on her back....

17 October, 2006


I have been so busy lately, needed a break, so I visited with a friend today. Tomorrow I will be back on task...

16 October, 2006


I had this picture sitting in
my photo folder.
Me, - mid 50's, in the back
yard. Where did all those
years go?
My mother loved taking
photo's. She used to have
an old camera, shaped like
a box. To see your "target"
you looked down into it
from the top.
Thanks to her and her
camera we are blessed with
lots of pictures from our

15 October, 2006

En tung dag

Its raining today. The kind of rain we have in Norway. Although it's not the sideways kind, it's the nonstop,
not to heavy, kind. Makes you sleepy.....

We had plans to go to an Art Exhibition down town,
but since it's an outside happening, we guessed it would be muddy and cancelled our plans. And I am very happy with that decision, because, we got to do some much needed work inside.
New kitchen is arriving next week, and the ceiling light fixture needed to be replaced with spot lights. It was way dated, and pretty ugly.
To the sound of the Sunday football game, Jeff rolled up his sleeves, and climbed to work..... I was ready to dial 911.......
3 hours later, mission accomplished, it's done!
It look a little like a Swiss cheese at the moment, but all it needs now is some touch up, cover the wholes and add new texture.

So maybe we'll take that nap after all....

Finishing touch

Time for touch up. The purses all need a lining, who wants wool (ull dotter) in the lipstick.... Silk is pretty, but doesn't take much wear and tear. I probably prefer cotton, it also comes in a larger variety of prints and colors.

One of my favorite purse
s is this pink and brown,
showing both sides, made in Lamb's Pride.

13 October, 2006

Jester's slippers

I finished these slippers this morning, before having lunch with my friends. Thought they came out pretty cute.
Bought more yarn yesterday, love the colors. Can't wait to get started....

Haunted house?

Just had to show off this Halloween house made by my daughter. A gingerbread house dressed for a different occasion.

11 October, 2006


I had visitors! Ducks! They came walking up my driveway. I think they where out practicing their first steps.

10 October, 2006

A beatiful place, close to my heart.....

Make yourself a cup of tea, and go visit this website below:
This is my home town, I don't know the photographer, but he can sure make me home sick! I found his website the other day, and the pictures are many and great!
Egersund is right on the coast, surrounded with possibilities of outdoors activities, summer and winter.
Most of my family, and lots of friends still lives here.
Its a good place to come home to.....

09 October, 2006

Vesker igjen...

I have made quite a few purses for different occasions. The fun part is that they take form as I go. Often one that I don't like at first, turns out to be one of my favorites.....

04 October, 2006


I received this article from two different people today. The pictures are from my home town, Egersund, located at the south west coast of Norway. It won a prize for prettiest small town in Norway. I totally agree!! Take a look.


On thin ice....

As a new blogger I wanted to try adding "stuff" to my blogg last night. I am afraid I might have erased a few postings. They are falling out at the bottom of the page, cutting out parts of pictures and text. Oh well, I guess I'll keep trying and failing. Hopefully I won't do to much damage.

03 October, 2006

Green purse

I make a lot of purses, most of them one of a kind since the patterns are none existing.
This green one is made in Lamb's Pride. It felt pretty good.
I also find that if they get a little to "hairy" after felting, I trim them a little, give them a little hair cut.

Finally she's back home!

I sleep better at night. My middle daughter Ingrid is home, from serving 4 months overseas with the Air Force. 4 months of constant worrying. She can move on to her studies, I can relax a little, for now.
It's funny, life is always full of excitements when you have kids. All of them with their own wonder lust.
As parents we will always be here, ready to catch and comfort, praise and advice them, like generations before us, and generations to come....


I had to show off this picture of one of my daughters cats. She is called Simone, and has got a fantastic personality!