28 August, 2010

The Baby Tyra jacket is done!

Both Norwegian and English version 
of the pattern is done.
Size 3 - 6 months
Spelling and good wording
can sometimes be a challenge,
but I have GREAT helpers/proof readers!!

Its a little hard to see the Soft pink color
in the pictures of the jacket,
the yarn skein, above, show it better.
The yarn is Reynold Kids “Wash Day Wool”,
and it comes in 50 grams skeins.
I used 4 colors,
Charcoal, Cream, Soft pink and Silver grey.

Da var begge versjoner av mønsteret ferdig.
Har brukt Reynold Kids “Wash Day Wool”
til denne jakken,
Annet babyull garn 
kan selvfølgelig også brukes,
men strikkefastheten kan kanskje 
variere bittelitt.

The pattern has written text, charts and pictures.

Da lurer jeg på om jeg skal tenke litt
på en tilhørende lue...

Have a nice weekend !

13 August, 2010

A peek pre-view

...on my newest pattern,
"Baby Tyra".

Baby jacket size 3-6 months.
I will be available soon,
as I am working on the finishing touches
and proof reading.

As most of my patterns
this will also be
available in 2 languages,
English and Norwegian.

08 August, 2010

Photo entry # 4

From the museum:
De Heibergske Samlinger. 
They have a wonderful collection of old houses.

Entry # 3 for the photo competition

...OK, this is my third and last entry,
I think...
It is hard to choose,
don't know witch one,
I have so many favorites.

Bildet over er mitt forslaget til foto-konkurransen

This i from Kaupanger again,
the evening light is great for photo shots.
The opposite side of the valley is already in the dark,
the sun is about to go down behind the mountains.

This one is shot from the mountain side
above Sogndal.

And the wild flowers are beautiful!

And when the apple trees blooms in the spring,
one get the greatest pictures.

This is taken right out side my summer condo.

From the tiny beach in Kaupanger.

I just LOVE this museum,
well worth visiting!

Entry # 2 for the photo competition

Petunia has a competition on her blog.
It had to be pictures of Norway,
and she kindly let me know 
that I could add more than one picture.

This is my second entry.
It is my grandson,
a beautiful summer day in 2008,
sitting in the coldest water
(snow on the mountain tops).
Bildet er fra Fimreite stranden,
nær Sogndal i Sogn.

07 August, 2010


Petunia utlyser til en fotokonkurranse,
og ble inspirert til å delta med et bidrag
etter å ha besøkt Gawo's blogg.

Under her er et av mine favorittbilder.

Dette er tatt i Kaupanger,
ikke langt fra ferjeleiet.
Bildet er tatt i 8-tiden om morgenen,
morgendisen hang lavt i fjellsiden.

06 August, 2010

A little lazy on the knitting side...

...but it will change to the better,
as I am back home.
Traveling and visiting took my time,
but I can't complain,
- I have had a great summer,
in wonderful Norwegian weather,
witch is anything but hot!

Back home in the heat of the Texas sun,
I have finished my mindless summer project,
a woolen blanket for our newest grand-baby, Tyra.

She was born in July,
and "mormor" got to be in the receiving room 
to welcome her!

She is the cutest little thing,
and she love to be warm!

We kept wrapping her in anything woollen,
her mamma's shawl worked fine,
and she would sleep, and sleep, and sleep, and....
I sure miss her already...