29 December, 2009

Den første julen

Og vi var heldige som

fikk ha denne koseklumpen hos oss!

Precious baby
celebrating her first Christmas
at "Mormor" and Gramps' house.

28 December, 2009

The blue outfit

looks much better on a real little person.

Several people left comments about our cute little girl..
How could they know that this is a BOY,
our own little "Hallvard haarfagre",
-mormors gullegutt!

21 December, 2009

Christmas songs

I caught this little guy this morning,
and I do believe his is practicing his Christmas songs
from the very top of the palm tree!

The last few days have been gorgeous,
sunny and much warmer.
Great to be able to sit in the back yard.

Have a Merry Christmas everybody!

14 December, 2009

Last week we had freezing weather

...so I had to finish a couple of small projects.

For both these projects I used Alpaca from Drops.
The hat is knitted with double yarn to make it bigger.
The pattern was made for an infant.

The hood was originally knitted
with Cascade 220 wool,
but for a smaller child
Alpaca worked fine.

It is much smaller and very soft!

Denne passet helt flott til et mindre barn.
Strikket i Alpaca fra Drops.
Mønster er Vikinghette.

This was my fence post last week.
It was fun as long as it lasted!