25 February, 2012

Spring mittens....

.....is the English name for this pattern.
In Norwegian they are called 
Vår votter.

The colors of my backyard
had me choose green and red.
Our winter has been very mild  this year,
my fall flowers are still blooming,
the grass and the bushes are still green,
and  the red peppers shows well in all the green.

Some afternoons have been spent outside,
coffee on the table,
mittens in my lap.
I love these mild winter days!
The heat of the Texas summers 
will be here soon enough.

its only February,
and we could still have a freeze 
coming our way.

This pattern can be found at Ravlry and in my Etsy store,
in both English and Norwegian.

15 February, 2012

Virginia Shawl and Spring mittens

I am so thankful to Liv
for knitting help!
I had to have my Virginia shawl reworked
in edition to the proof reading.
I had worked the shawl three times myself,
and it is easy to overlook something in a pattern
when you get to familiar with it.
Liv is a fabulous, experienced knitter,
her sharp eye found some small errors,
and they are now taken care of.

I have worked the shawl in different yarns,
and will suggest you work it in your own favorite lace yarn
if you want it as light as this is.
We like different yarn brands,
and in an item like this it doesn't really matter.
This lavender yarn above has some silk in it,
and is a very fine, light weight.
My first shawl I worked in a little heavier wool, lace yarn,
still a airy light shawl, maybe a little warmer.

 These days I am also working on a new mitten pattern
(what a surprise, ha hah...).
The winter is so mild here this year,
the grass still green, and the flowers still blooming.
The rest of the day I will be found outside
in my favorite chair,
finishing the smallest size of these,
before I start working the larger.
Pattern to come....

Hope you all had a Happy Valentines day!