31 May, 2010

More socks..

Just another pair of Saartje's Booties
to go with the purple and green jacket.

27 May, 2010

Yet another EZ

The July baby will be born in Norway,
and will probably need a jacket.
Probably several...
So mormor is doing her favorite thing,

The EZ baby surprize jacket is quick and easy to knit.

Neck and sleeves got a crochet edging.
I had found this baby pink colored yarn on sale.
The before prize was $ 10.50 
for a 25 grams skein,
and I paid $3.
It is merino and silk 
and very soft.
Have to admit I threw away the information,
so I can not tell you the brand name,
so sorry...

I thought that Saartje's baby booties worked fine with it,
and used  the rest of the yarn knitting these.

26 May, 2010

The kids just grow up too fast!

This picture sits next to my computer
and was taken about 30 years ago!

My son, in a warm knitted sweater,
hiking in the lower mountains of 
the part of south Norway
where we have our roots.
I remember this trip 
as if it was the day before yesterday...

23 May, 2010

Purple and green for the July-baby

although I changed it up a bit.
It was knitted in 2 parts,
one in each color,
starting at the narrow end of the sleeve.

The back was supposed to have a 3-way bind off in the back,
but I decided to stitch the two parts together instead.

Also, the edging was meant to be in one of the colors
and I chose to use both.

The yarn is hand spun,
and very soft!
It was bought
at a wool market in Colorado last year...
Size newborn.

Since I have a lot of yarn left,
I think I will make some cute shoes.

22 May, 2010

En stripet liten jakke...

...ble strikket i en fart for et par uker siden.
Har ikke fått klort ned mønsteret enda,
men det kommer nok etterhvert.

Denne lille gullejenta 
var ikke lett å få fotografert,
i farten som hun alltid er...

Når mormor vifter med kameraet
så springer hun..

I sidelommen er det god plass 
til ei lita filledukke..

09 May, 2010

Happy Mothers Day!

To all mothers and mothers to be!

Look what  a great card 
my youngest daughter made me!

Oh, and my husband
is a great artist too!!
Hi hi...

01 May, 2010

More babies ......

...means more fun projects!

This little jacket will warm a new little baby girl
arriving about mid summer to early fall...

Navy hearts to go with a tiny pair of blue jeans.

The pattern is called Rutelilje
and is from Dale of Norway.
I changed the pattern a little bit,
since the pattern didn't have the hearts on the jacket.
It only had hearts on the hat and baby blanket,
in the same set...
I used Heritage sock yarn from Cascade,
and have found that sock yarn works well for baby clothes.
I actually fell in love with this color,
it reminded me of candy..
But if you want the purled texture to show off,
I suggest you go with a solid color yarn.

Another little one is also expected a little later on this fall.
Not sure about what color yarn to use for this one, - yet...
We sure are Blessed!
Have a nice weekend everybody!