06 September, 2012

A new shawl

... is taking shape.

With a few extra skeins of 
Heritage Hand Painted sock yarn
in my stack,
I decided to use it for a new shawl.

My summer has been busy
getting ready for the move to Cairo,
so not a lot have been done on 
the knitting front.
After our air freight and sea freight
were both sorted out,

I head to Norway for a month
bringing some of our family,
meeting the rest of the bunch there.

The pattern is made easy on purpose.
Who wants a complicated
stress reliever
as you get in and out of the car,
on and of the many ferries,
visiting and chatting with friends.

It was a great time as always,
seeing everybody,
seeing my country.

Now, pretty much settling in Egypt
 for a while,
I am finally finishing the shawl
and the pattern part 
is being worked on as we speak..

Have a great day!