28 December, 2008

Size newborn

..baby Cardigan and hat.
It is finished,
and I love the way it turned out.

Hopefully March in North Texas will still be chilly enough
so that our little unborn grandchild can wear it.

The pattern is available here.
It is made for a girl,
but by skipping the flowers,
and the standing edge on the hat,
a little boy could use it too.

Jakken, med lue, ble startet på tidlig i høst,
men nå i jula fikk jeg finpusset litt på dette settet,

og synes ikke det ble så verst.

Kanskje jeg får tid til enda litt småtteri
før babyen (barnebarn) kommer i mars.

16 December, 2008

A small knitting brake...

After a busy fall,
my needles are resting - for a little bit...

Christmas is coming up,
and I need time to dig into my Christmas boxes,
and to bake and shop!

This morning I took some pictures,
- this is how I decorated,
welcome in!

The fire place is still missing Santa's stockings,
this December we hung
the "Advent kalender" here.

These are some of my favorites items,
and they come out of hiding
every year.

The table is ready for our favorite Christmas food.
Norwegian, salted and dryed, lambribs,
served with boiled potatoes and
rutabaga stew...mmm...

We brought this cabinet over from Norway
several years ago when we moved here.
It is a desk with a book cabinet attached,
from the 1800 century.
The original glass is still in the doors.

My Christmas village
is arranged in another cabinet.
Our youngest daughter loved to help me setting it up,
but not this year...
It's time for final tests at school,
and she is busy studying.

Most years the garlands get to stay in their boxes,
it takes patient to get it all up.
They have gotten a real beating
from being stored in the heat, in the garage attic.

The front room got a small lift also,
and the Christmas tree is in this room.

This is a time to think of "home",
of Christmases past, and Christmases to come.

This is a time to miss the ones that's far away,
but also a time to enjoy the ones that will be visiting!

I will be reloading my batteries,
and be ready for new challenges in 2009.

Happy Holidays to everybody!

Denne høsten har vært travel,
med masse julemesse strikking.
Vær så snill å minn meg på dette neste år,
om jeg skulle finne på å ville stille igjen.

Nå er det tid for jul, og for å roe litt ned.
Jeg kom sent igang iår,
men fikk det meste gjort i en fei.
Litt mer shopping,
så er jeg klar for å hente jule gjester på flyplassen.
Gjett om vi gleder oss til det...

Ønsker alle som stikker innom en God Jul!

11 December, 2008

Texas "snowballs"

These don't melt,
so they are perfect for Texas.

But guess what,
- it snowed here yesterday!!
Very unusual for Houston.
This morning,
about -1 ºC = 30.2 ºF.
It didn't stay on the ground in our area,
but further south they were playing in the snow,
making snow-angels and snow-men.
This morning,
several roads are closed due to icy conditions.
Last time we had snow in the air was
Christmas Eve 2004.

Det snødde her i går!
Jeg holdt på med jule-dekorering inne,

mens jeg hørte på
Glade Jul og Deilig er jorden.

Fant et Jesus barn som har sett bedre tider,

noen gamle lysestaker fra mor og far,

julekurver og nisser som de voksne ungene har laget,

ble helt rørt...

Snufset og snøt meg litt,
..og der dalte sannelig snøen ned utenfor,
wow, et mirakel!!

I found a treasure that bring back memories...
My children made this Nativity scene
several years ago.
Maria is made of clay by my oldest daughter,
Josef, I am not sure who made him.
Baby Jesus was made in salt-dough
by my middle daughter,
and is getting pretty fragil...

10 December, 2008

Lace work

I had to share this with ya'll!

Last weekend I met two very talented lace makers
from Austin, Texas, Lace-makers Guild.

All I can say is WOW!!

Very impressing,
how do they keep these strands apart?

Their work was beautiful,
and they had even made

a Norwegian "Julekurv"!

Karen also showed me this technique.
I believe we call it "nuppereller" in Norway,
not sure about the English word..

If you live in the Austin area,
Austin Lacemakers Guild have monthly meetings
the 1st Tuesday of the month at 18:30 (6:30 pm).
They meet at the St. John's Episcopal Church,
11201 Parkfield Drive in Austin.
You can also visit
International Old Lacers here.

01 December, 2008

Felted shoes - size very large

These felted house shoes are very large.
Actually they are a little on the short side for my husband.
before felting,
they where humongous!

Check out the before picture.
It`s my foot,
next to my husbands sandals.

Disse tøflene er strikket i Fritidsgarn,
og tovet ganske bra..
Størrelsen var enorm før toving!