29 December, 2009

Den første julen

Og vi var heldige som

fikk ha denne koseklumpen hos oss!

Precious baby
celebrating her first Christmas
at "Mormor" and Gramps' house.

28 December, 2009

The blue outfit

looks much better on a real little person.

Several people left comments about our cute little girl..
How could they know that this is a BOY,
our own little "Hallvard haarfagre",
-mormors gullegutt!

21 December, 2009

Christmas songs

I caught this little guy this morning,
and I do believe his is practicing his Christmas songs
from the very top of the palm tree!

The last few days have been gorgeous,
sunny and much warmer.
Great to be able to sit in the back yard.

Have a Merry Christmas everybody!

14 December, 2009

Last week we had freezing weather

...so I had to finish a couple of small projects.

For both these projects I used Alpaca from Drops.
The hat is knitted with double yarn to make it bigger.
The pattern was made for an infant.

The hood was originally knitted
with Cascade 220 wool,
but for a smaller child
Alpaca worked fine.

It is much smaller and very soft!

Denne passet helt flott til et mindre barn.
Strikket i Alpaca fra Drops.
Mønster er Vikinghette.

This was my fence post last week.
It was fun as long as it lasted!

25 November, 2009

Miniatyr votter/Miniature Mittens

Jeg har hatt det travelt med nye mønster.
Tenkte det kunne være gøy
med små votter på juletreet.

Disse "kom til" sist helg
og mønstert ligger her 
for de som har lyst til å prøve seg.
Jeg har brukt Lanett babyull,
og pinner nr 2.
Ferdig lengde er ca. 9,5 cm.

These are great for the Christmas tree!
Full length is about 3 3/4".
I used thin babywool,
Dale Baby Ull, Lanett or similar.
Five 5" long dpns US size 0
Pattern to be found here.

09 November, 2009

New pattern

Denne kaller jeg Vikinghette.
Jeg sydde et par lignende i sommer, i lin,
og tenkte at kanskje den kunne strikkes også.

Tror denne kan bli god og varm,
utenpå jakken, eller kanskje inni?

Brukte latviske fletter på kantene,
men ellers lite mønster,
ville ha den enkel.

inspired by a linen custume I stitched, this summer.

02 November, 2009

Kan jeg få vise bort den minste mormor ungen

Hun har på seg lue og sko heklet av norske May.
Jeg kjøpte dette settet her i etsy butikken hennes,
og jeg falt pladask for disse fargene.

Og her er gulle jenta i andunge kostymet
som hun brukte på Halloween.

01 November, 2009

A few things..

The hat is done
and ready to be shipped off,

together with a pair of warm pants,

marvelous for colder weather.

And in our garden
we still have peppers..

At the moment they are roasting in the oven.
Great recipe for salsa:
8 Roma tomatoes
2 large Jalapenos
3 Garlic segments
Slice the tomatoes and the jalapenos` in two,
put them them on the rack,
skin up.
(Put the rack on top of a pan,
or it will be messy.
Legg alt på en rist, 
ha en langpanne under).
Put the garlic segments on the rack also,
but leave the skin on.
Roast it all under the broiler
until tomato skin turns brown.
Put it all in the blender,
add 2 tbls (spiseskjeer) of honey,
a pinch (klype) of salt,
juice of 1 lime,
and blend it.

Serve with corn chips
(and a cold beer..)

24 October, 2009

Rosie vottene

i en litt annen farge sammensetning.
De havner nok i skapet med de andre.

Der kan de ligge 
til den minste mormor ungen vokser i dem...

in a different colorway.
Yarn: Cascade 220 wool
Needles: 3.5 mm

23 October, 2009

The third sweater

is not my favorite...
It is originally a Dale pattern,
but I altered it a bit.

With some yarn from my stash
and some new,
it got a bit busy.

Oh well,
I can always make another..
Have a nice weekend!

Mista litt inspirasjon underveis 
på denne genseren til minste sviska.
Var ikke helt fornøyd med farge valget.

Men garnet er herlig,
Dale baby ull,
elsker å strikke barne tøy i det garnet!

God helg alle sammen!

21 October, 2009

The second sweater

is also an old pattern from Sandnes Garn.

I like to experiment
and chose this blue,
with green and red accent colors.

The original, however,
had very traditional colors,
grey background color,
also very pretty!

Yarn: Cascade Superwash
Needles: 3 and 3,5 mm

I will have to knit a hat to go with it,
 it will hopfully be on my needles by this weekend...

Som jeg skrev i går 
så har jeg nettopp montert 3 barne gensere.
Det var like godt å hoppe i det som å krype i det,
for sånne monterings prosjekter 
kan ofte ble liggende en stund i garnkurven.
Dette er genser nr. 2, 
den tredje genseren kommer i morgen.

20 October, 2009

This weekend I sat down, outside, enjoying the beautiful weather

...and assambled 3 sweaters.
All of them fairly small.
I will show the first one today,
and the other two will follow in a day or so.

This first one, size 2 years, is called Setesdal,
and the pattern is from one of
Sandnes Ullvare's older catalogs.

After getting the "thumbs up" by a representative
from the yarn factory,
I translated this pattern to English this summer.
This, and a couple of other old patterns,
was used to teach a local knitting class
here in North Houston.
The yarn used is Mountain Mohair,
100% wool, from Green Mountain.
Needles 3 and 3.5 mm.

Ei kjekk liten kofte for en 2 åring.
Mønsteret er fra en gammel Sandnes Ullvare katalog,
og det kalles i katalogen for Setesdal.

Neste kofte blir lagt til i morgen...

My daughters new blog

She work full day,
goes to school at night,
have a baby and a husband
at home,

19 October, 2009

Halfway in to October

...and this is my first entry this month.
To my defense,
I have had 3 girlfriends visiting me from Norway
for 2 weeks!
We have had so much fun,
lots of girl talk,
lots of laughter.

These Norwegian girls can shop!!!

Every day they had a load like this.
Shop until they drop, lol,
and fell asleep,
all exhausted, in the sofa at night!
we also visited the Renaissance Festival.

This guy welcomed us right inside the gate.
He was very serious,
and didn't talk much.

One could visit the Tarot reader,

or get a Henna Tatoo.

My friends also shopped, -more, off course...

30 September, 2009

Busy packing mitten kits

This is some of what's been done lately.
It seems like I have so many things going on,
and I am creating UFO's.

I get side tracked,
and start something new.
Not good...

A friend of mine popped by the other day,
and we dug out some old, pieced, blocks,
that I had tucked away several years ago.
She offered to take them home
and put them together for me,
so now they are ready for quilting.
Thank you so very much!
I actually used to quilt a lot,
but as I started to get far sighted,
and needed glasses to see the small stitches,
I lost interest.
To bad...
I still have unfinished quilting projects
sitting in my sewing room.
Maybe its time to dig them out and finish them..

21 September, 2009

Very happy notification!

The "Helene pattern" (right column)
has sold pretty good, on and off.
So far I have been able to donate $ 839
to cancer research.
That is, with today's currency, 
 about kr. 5000 (Norwegian kroner).

I think this is great!!
Thanks to everybody who have helped donating
by buying this pattern.
The pattern has also sold in Norway,
thanks to "Irenesol".
I am not sure about how much money
she has been able to donate,
but here is an article she wrote about it.

I can let you know
that my sister, Helene,
is a breast cancer survivor
and at the moment she is
waiting for reconstructing surgery.

Dette mønsteret har til nå 
innkassert nesten 5000 kroner.
Hele beløpet har porsjonsvis
blitt donert
til M D Anderson kreft sykehus,
øremerket kreft forskning.
Alle monner drar!