30 June, 2010

Summer time....

I love bringing my camera with me every where,
and sometimes,
especially in Norway,
I produce more pictures then knitting.

This fabulous picture above
is however from my sons camera.
He has this great wooden boat
called a "seksring".

Lots of work to take care of it,
but a beautiful piece of architecture!

Have a great summer!

Rain or shine,
I am enjoying mine...

27 June, 2010

My summer paradise

A peaceful moment on the balcony,
enjoying a glass of wine,
watching the sunset.
My newest knitting project in my lap...

Surrounded by family
and beautiful nature,
..what more can one ask for?

07 June, 2010


Via Hannesol sin blogg,
fant jeg disse gryteklutene, 
Jeg ble så fristet til dra frem heklenåla
(hadde kun en størrelse som gikk an),
jeg har masse bomullsgarn som kunne brukes.
Så da var det bare å sette i gang!
Det har vært endel tordenværdenvær her i det siste,
så med en god film på spilleren (Oliver Twist),
satte jeg meg rett ned i haugen med garn.
Nålen var nok i det minste laget for det garnet jeg brukte,
men pyttsann, det gikk greit. 

Litt bulkete ble de mot slutten,
men etter litt hardhendt damping og strekking 
ble de absolutt brukbare synes jeg.
En dag senere har jeg to grytekluter ferdige
(pluss et par såre tommler etter uvant nålføring),
og det kan lett bli flere....

I found this pattern on a Norwegian blog,
and I think she is planning to write a English pattern also.
I loved it.
And since I have a lot off cotton yarn remnants,
there might easily be a few more.
Mindless work...

04 June, 2010

Adding on...

...a hat to go with the rest of the set...

I will try to share the idea of how I made it
without writing an entire pattern.

I started by the neck
and worked in stockinette st (glattstrikk).
With purple, cast on 24 sts 
and work back and forth about 110 rows
(for a larger hat, cast on a few more sts
and work an extra few rows), bind off.
With green,
pick up sts along the entire right side.
Work 10 rows in stockinette st,
bind off and fold double 
towards the back and stitch it down.

Work the back of the hat,
by starting on the top, working down.
With purple, pick up the 20 middle sts 
from the last row before the bind off row, 
on the green folded edge.
 Work back and forth about 18 rows,
then decrease 1 sts in the end of every knit row (rettsiden)
about 10-12 times.
This should take the back side to full length. 
Bind off and stitch the sides of this back piece
as nice as possible to the green folded edge.

For front- and neck edge,
pick up sts and work in Garter st (riller).
Work the neck edge first,
and make 10 holes for the cord, evenly spread.
Then work the front edge.
Remember to make 1 hole on each side 
for the cord (12 all together).
Make a twisted cord, or use a ribbon.
Good luck!