29 March, 2009

Free forming

I had a little fun
with cotton yarn and a crochet needle.

My daughter,
a little unwillingly, modelled for me,

although I don't really know if this will ever be used.

I did enjoy a little brake from my knitting.

It has been a beautiful day,
and we have been enjoying the outside.

Fikk lyst til å hekle litt,
og det bar avsted litt på "måfå".
Koste meg med heklenålen,
men om produktet blir brukt,
det er en annen ting...

27 March, 2009

Working on a shawl

I got inspired by Kelsina,
and started right away!
The pattern is from Drops.

I had a lot of Knit Pick yarn in my stash,
and found the shawl to be a perfect project for it.
One of my daughters love these colors,
and I think she will like the shawl.

Dette sjalet var veldig kjekkt og fort å strikke.
Mønsteret er fra Drops,
og finnes på norsk her.
Tror jeg skal lage en rad til med ruter,
synes det er litt for kort enda.

22 March, 2009

An old jacket..

...but still good!

I made this set for one of my daughters
27 years ago.

Obviously, I didn't know the sex of the baby
until she was born,
but the embroidery did the trick..
She was born with the same black hair
as her own baby Kaja.

Kaja is modeling one of the knitted sets
I made for her.
She did not like having heavy clothes on.

This might be the only time she gets to wear it.
Spring is here,
and its getting warmer in Texas..

19 March, 2009

Grandma again!

"Mormor" that is!

The baby has arrived,
and everything is well.

We have been so impatiently waiting for little Kaja,
and now she is here.
A new little miracle!
We feel very Blessed!
All she cares about at the moment
is eating, sleeping, and a clean diper.
Endelig, her er hun, - Kaja...
En aldeles nydelig liten skapning!
Vi er saa velsignet glad for at
ventetiden og nedkomsten er over,
og for at alt har gaatt bra.

09 March, 2009

Little hats, and another pair of Saartjes Booties

I have been knitting these hats size newborn or premature,
and the baby boots this weekend.
The yarn is remnants from other projects,
and there will probably be more hats made.

With a little imagination,
these hats sure look like something "Madonna" could use..

Sunday was such a beautiful day,
and we worked a little in the garden
and sat outside most of the day.

Here is another little creature
that enjoyed the nice weather.
Click on the picture,
and see how beautiful he is!

I hope we can keep this nice spring weather for a while.

My last Zimmermann, - for now

This one knitted in Lopi.
Not so sure how much I like this.
Its very thick and heavy,
but where its going is very cold...

About size 2 years, is my guess.
Still need to be "put together",
seams unfinished.

Oh, and the buttons,
- old, leather, from my button jar.

Dette blir den siste
"Baby Surprice" jakke for en stund, kanskje...
Er ikke alltid helt enig med meg selv,
så "vi" diskuterer muligheten
for kanskje en eller to for charity,

vi får se..