29 May, 2011

One month...

...since last time I blogged.
It might be a record.
But as a friend said:
"Blogging is supposed to be fun
and not a duty"...
She is right.
I have just been lacking the spirit for writing.

This week I came back home
after 2 weeks in Norway.

I saw my four beautiful, Norwegian grandchildren,
and they sure give me a lot of joy!

But the main purpose with this short trip
was to pack up my beloved sons belongings.
I walked in his last footsteps...
Saw his last cup of green tea on the table....
Listened to his music...

Memories of a much to short life
are now stored away,
some of them I will take a better look at later.
Small steps, little by little...

It has been six months now,
almost seven.
It is still so fresh, so unreal, so hard to understand.