26 July, 2009

A bouquet of wild flowers

picked along the sea shore.
I am enjoying my days
in these beautiful surroundings
and with family!

Pretending to take a nap in "mormors" window cell.
"Odels-klumpen" koser seg i mormor sin vinduskarm
under oldemors filleteppe.

15 July, 2009

I am packing up

Yarn and needles,
and half my closet is packed.
I am ready to go on vacation, yeh!

But I will be back in not to long.
I wish you all a great summer,
were ever you are!

God sommer!

10 July, 2009

"Viking-wedding" is coming up soon

-and making the clothes are a work in progress...
The sewing machine is put away for now.

This is a small shirt for a 2 year old.
I just have some small adjustments left.

The hat was promised a long time ago,
and now when it is done,
I think it is to small for the person receiving it!

I guess that mean I have to make another.
The method is not knitting nor crocheting,
but "Needle binding".

04 July, 2009


about size 2-3 years.

This is an old pattern from Sandnes Uldvare.
The book is called "Til Fjells nr. 6",
it also says "Barn/voksne 9908" in one of the corners.
I used Cascade Superwash,
and I am knitting it in a size 4 years.
since the pattern is asking for Peer Gynt yarn,
my sweater came out smaller.
Which is OK, I wanted it to be a size 2 anyway.
Got to admit that my colors are a little un-traditional.

Have a Happy 4th of July!

Har noen gamle hefter fra Sandnes Uldvare,
og fant en del kjekke gensere.
Denne vil jeg strikke i første omgang,
så får jeg se om det blir flere etterhvert.
Jeg vil også teste ut forskjellige garn sorter.
Garnet jeg har brukt
er litt tynnere enn Peer Gynt,
som er brukt i originalen.