03 June, 2012

Cairo Shawl

A lot is going on in my house 
at the moment.
Not to mention that we are actually moving 
to Egypt for a while,
I have been working
to finish the Cairo Shawl pattern.
At the same time
I have been concentrating on a larger
embroidery project.
Until this project is finished,
knitting is put on hold.

the Cairo Shawl has just been test knitted
and can now be bought 
at Etsy and at Ravelry.
At Ravelry it will be automatically downloaded
after it is purchased,
and on Etsy it will be emailed to you
manually by myself.

This shawl is pretty much straight forward.
I worked on it watching TV.
After a few inches, 
the patterns is easy to memorize. 

I used Heritage Hand Painted Sock Yarn 
from Cascade.
I really like this yarn,
and have used it in the Bestemor Shawl also.
It make the shawl nice and cozy
and give it a little weight.
The shawl has a good size,
personally I like a shawl 
to be on the large side.


Sallie said...

Very pretty, Randi. I hope all goes well with the move to Egypt.

Margith said...

Hej Randi!
Sikke fint sjal du har lavet.
Cairo, lyder langt væk :-) ønsker jer et godt ophold.
Stolen du betrak i påsken blev rigtig fin.
God mandag til dig.

Katy C said...

Best wishes for the move. Did your daughter just graduate?
The shawl is beautiful!

http://in-my-mothers-name.blogspot.com said...

Thank you! Yes, Katy, we had a graduate this weekend. She did great and graduated in the top 5 procent

LivM said...

Sjaldesignet ditt er flott Randi, og takk for at jeg fikk teststrikke :-)

Tesha said...

Hei! Jeg har sett sjalet Liv strikka, og det er nydelig. Gratulerer med enda et alle tiders design!
Lykke til med flyttinga!!!

Harpa Jónsdóttir said...

The shawl is very beautiful! Best of luck with your move.

Celestina Marie said...

Greetings Dear Friend,
Thinking of you and hoping all is going well with the journey.
I love the shawl. Beautiful work always and so inpsiring.

So great to talk to you. Always friends!!
Sending love and hugs your way.

salige lavendel said...

For et nydelig sjal!! Høres spennende (og litt skummelt) ut å flytte til Egypt...lykke til! Og takk for titten her hos deg.

Unknown said...

Randi, I had no idea you had moved to Egypt!!! Your pictures are fantastic. Keep them coming. I tried to e-mail you today and you will probably never get it. I should have kept in better touch.
I adored your native land and hope I get to return. I am still writing blogs with the > 1500 pictures I took there. Keep safe!!! Cindy