30 January, 2007

A very special present

My middle daughter gave us a very unexpected
and special thing for Christmas.
Although she had asked for our pictures
(needed for "some project") up front,
I would never have thought this was to be the result.
"Russian dolls",
little boxes, one inside of the other,
hand painted by a little old woman on the streets of Kyrgyzstan.
Us, kids, grand kids, and even the dogs...
Very, very special!

This Christmas it was also 10 years since all the kids
had been together in one place.
Spread out as they are, in different parts of the world,
I certainly hope it won't be that long until next time.


lisa said...

Those dolls are GREAT!

Rositta said...

Wow, they are really special. I know how hard it is when kids are all over the place. My offspring and his family where here last Christmas, my sweeties two sons in California haven't been here for Christmas in years. Next week though, his youngest (28) is coming for a 9 day visit, it will be nice...ciao:)

Marita BK said...

En flott og gjennomtenkt gave. Har aldri sett maken med familiefotos.

Anonymous said...

Skikkelig stilig!! - Har du mailadressen til Ingrid, slik at jeg kan spørre henne om dette...mvh - tantongen! :)

Jan said...

Those dolls are too cool! What a thoughtful gift. You have a pretty special daughter.

Heklejenta said...

For en spesiell og flott gave dette var! :)