07 January, 2007

I am getting "blind"

and I hate it....

Old age!
I used to have the sharpest eyesight.
Now it's just getting worse and worse.
My eye doctor is giving me "trifocals".
It's gonna make me nauseous,
me, who can't even ride in an elevators without getting "dizzy".
Ordered two pair, (pretty typical)
couldn't make my mind up about the design....

I really don't have to see much to be able to knit,
I often knit in totally darkness,
but my eyes get very sore after reading on the computer!
OK, I'll stop whining.


Hannesol said...

Lykke til med nye briller! Kjenner til det problemet ja....

Rositta said...

Me again, I ws never able to get used to tri-focals for the same reason. I get nauseaus and dizzy. I use them only when we go out and just use my bi-focals for knitting. Yes, computer is really bad, but i'm hooked.

randi K design said...

I am proud of myself, I wore them all day yesterday! The glasses are so skinny, so with three different areas to see through, it's almost a job... I am sure I will get used to them.