15 January, 2007

Put your socks on, Texas is getting cold!

Tomorrow we are expecting an "Ice storm" even here in Houston.
Our flowers are covered with bed sheets so that they don't freeze,
we are guessing schools will be closed,
and I am loaded up with yarn.
My feet have been cold all morning,
but this afternoon I dug out some of my mothers socks.
She used to knit a lot of socks!

Since the daughter in the house was off today (Martin Luther King Day),
we hung around the house all day, me knitting.
I managed to finish these socks that I started Thursday.
The socks where actually supposed to be a pair of mittens.
However, after knitting about 3" (ca.7 1/2 cm),
I realised that I had forgotten to make the opening for the thumb.
So I decided to make them into socks!
Tiril can probably use them.
Norway has had a lot of rain lately,
and the socks will be good and warm inside her rain boots.


strikke_jane said...

De er virkelig flotte - gid jeg kunne... :-)

lisa said...

Those are beautiful socks! I've been wearing my oversize wool socks to bed...they keep me nice and warm. It is finally getting to be like winter here, and supposed to be quite cold tonight and tomorrow (single digits Farenheight!). So I'll surely be wearing my socks. What amazes me is that the heels go out on these and I only wear them to bed and in my slippers for a short time in the morning. Sadly one pair was made by my french canadian autnie (now dead). Maybe I'll DARN those darn socks!

randi K design said...

Hi Lisa, I can't get to your page through your comments, the page I get to is default..
Don't give up on those socks of yours... Do as they used to: weave in some new wool yarn where they are getting thinned out...