10 January, 2007

My cousin's hot pads

My cousin is a very creative person! She knits the most beautiful tings.
Last year she gave me these hot pads
with a traditional Scandinavian pattern, Christmas-hearts.
They are knitted with cotton yarn,
in the round, are very nice and thick, and have a crochet edge.
For the hearts, use in any left over color you have sitting around.
You can off course use your own pattern, or no pattern at all.
Good luck!

My cousin says she will take orders on these!


Lisa L said...

These are beautiful!

cindy said...

What a great idea!!! Knit in the round and you can do Fair isle and use up all kinds of yarns. Wonder if wool would be appropriate for hot pads...maybe if you felted it.

Marihøna said...

For noen flotte grytekluter! Sånne skal jeg ønske meg til neste jul!