27 January, 2007

Au - Ouch!

I admit it.
I am a little hyper... I move to fast.
If I set something on the table for instant,
I will be off to do something else, with my head turned the other way,
before whatever I had in my hands is actually set down.
That's how, my so far small, accidents happens.
Since Thanksgiving I have broken my little toe,
twisted my ankle,
and I constantly hit my hip bone or elbow in doorways, counter tops, etc.
Yesterday I managed to close the truck door on my thumb.

It was closed all the way!
Thank you to Jeff that he didn't lock the door,
as he was getting out on the other side.
I tell you I got it opened in a hurry, stuck as I was!
Lots of ice, and a not to restful night later,
I am trying not to touch it,
and it will probably be OK in a couple of days.
I guess I need to slow down a little,
but it's easier said then done...

Bottom note:
I did try to knit, I can, but very slow....
I might just take up reading for a few days,
until I'm up to speed again!


lisa said...

Oh you poor thing! I can feel your pain! Some time last year I got a huge splinter under my thumbnail, it split into three pieces or more, each about 1/2 inch long. Yowsa! That's a beautiful sweater you're doing for granddaughter. And I hear the yarn is lovely to work with (and washable is a great thing too). I have a friend moving to Norway at the end of the summer...the second biggest city, I forget its name, begins with a "B". I keep trying to teach her the weather/clothes saying, but she says she's bad with languages. All I know is she's going to be near the Dale factory! May have to go visit.

randi K design said...

It has to be Bergen, nice town!
Lisa, I have lost your HTML info, and can't find your blogg anymore....

Rositta said...

Ouch, brings back memories of the past summer when my hand got between the dock and the boat. I wasn't able to knit for two weeks, my entire hand was black...lucky you were able to get the door open...ciao

vonnie said...

Uff.....hoping that tylenol is in good supply at your house....and added to the pain that you can't knit much! Take care

randi K design said...

Tylenol was helpful... I am knitting slowly, how can I not, I'm an adict...