19 January, 2015


Getting the pattern done 
traveling to my home away from home,
during Christmas time,
with decorations being put up and taken down,
having house guests,
 doing larger house repairs,
running between doctor appointments.....
has been a challenge.
But at last,

The sweater is knitted top down. 
This way it makes it easier to control the length 
of body and sleeves. 
It has a loose fit,
 and works great over a long sleeved T-shirt, 
and under a wind breaker for colder days.

It can be worked in 3 sizes, 
(3 - 4) 5 - 6 and (7 - 8) years

Sleeves (long, because kids grow fast) = (12)14 (15)”
Chest width = (13) 14.5 (16)“
Full length (collar not included) = (16) 18 (20)”
Collar = (3.5) 4 (4)“

Yarn suggestions: 
Cascade 220 Heather (worsted), Malabrigo Rios, 
Smart from Sandnes Ull or similar 

Sometimes I wish my days had more hours.....
The list of "should have's and could have's"
is way to long,
and it do not seam to get shorter.

Working from home works best for me,
everything within reach, yarn needles, pen and paper,
computer.... or whatever I should need.

Traveling a lot, as I more and less live on two continents,
 I find myself very often on airports, or in the air.
Patterns gets scribbled down on scraps of paper.
My suitcases filled with yarn,
finished and unfinished projects......

But that's also the charm of it all, 
my treasures, my always within reach,
time consuming joy.

Between the battles
 over getting my own patterns ready,
 I enjoy some smaller quick projects,
like these socks from Drops.

Knee high, great for little feet!
Have a nice day!

04 December, 2014

Do you like colors?

Vibrant colors

Happy colors

Colors from the Khan,

in and around Cairo.

Maybe the colors here are more visible,

due to all the Sahara sand

that tend to put a blanket 
of fine dust on everything?

Just a small swatch of red
will catch my attention,

and the camera will have to focus

often from the window of the car.

Other times

the colors are right in front of my nose...

Have a nice weekend!

29 October, 2014

Wissa Wassef again

Having guests 

gives me a reason to re-visit 
some of my favorite places, 
is high on my list.
It is located in the Harrania district,
near the Giza pyramids.

You can read more 
about the center here.

The buildings are surrounded by 
green fields and beautiful gardens,
much different from the life on the outside.
The architect and founder
 Ramses Wissa Wassef wrote:

"I had this vague conviction 
that every human being 
was born an artist, 
but that his or her gifts 
could be brought out only if 
artistic activity was encouraged
 from early childhood 
by way of practicing a craft..."

 Children from the village
was invited to learn the basic technique
of weaving:

"these young artists 
have only their own conception 
of their work,
 drawn from their own experience...
They know nothing of 
the hesitation of sophisticated artists... 
who are continually tempted 
to express themselves 
in the style of some other artist."

These artisans creates their tapestries

with no patterns involved,

every tapestry is one of a kind,

showing rural scenes

and telling stories of life in the village. 

The fingers works fast,
and seams to me
 with no hesitation.
A lot of experience involved
after years of practice.

Fabulous colors.

Very impressive,
and outstanding beautiful pieces 
of art!
Worth a visit!


18 September, 2014

My summer vacation is over

... and what a summer it turned out to be.
Story continues below, 
I just want to show of my last creation first.

These are my last half mittens,
"Winter Morning"

They were created and worked
with a cast on my hand,
slowly, row by row...

Within the first weeks of summer,
I slipped on my kitchen floor 
and fractured my right wrist.
As a knitter and other wise a busy bee,
this was very bad news...
But knitting aside,
I had more serious things to handle.
Getting through the day
using only one hand,
turned in to being a bit of a challenge.
days and weeks have past, 
and I am back in business!

Before I broke my wrist,
I finished this jacket for my daughter.

The pattern is called 
Nordkappkofta or Odajakken.
Older Norwegian,
 traditional "kofte" patterns,
have gotten a huge interest lately,
especially among Norwegian knitters.

Then, as I was slowly healing,
and since I had a lot of yarn
left over from Odajakken,
I knitted this jacket from Ann Myhre.

The pattern is called Angry Sheep Cardigan,
a very popular design,
and perfect for remnant yarn.

So I got a bit done,
although my yarn basket
still has a couple of
unfinished projects.

Did I mention that I also managed
to step on a golfball size rock,
in a parking lot,
two weeks after the first fracture,
flattened out and broke my foot.
Good thing I don't knit with me feet...

And yes,
I am debating if bubble wrap might be
the way to go...

Have a great day
and be careful out there!

12 July, 2014

Going to Alaska


These two sweeties are about to move 
from the heat of Texas,
to a much colder climate in Alaska.

They are so exited,
hoping to see a moose,
and to get to play in the snow.

A lot of their days in Texas
are spent inside due to the heat,

so their existing wardrobe
will not fill the requirements 
for outside playing.

My brain is busy deciding
 what need to be on the needles next...

For anyone wanting to knit 
the above sweaters,
the sizes are 3 - 4 and 5 - 6 years.
More info here...

Have a nice day!