13 January, 2007

My day of luxury, - and now I'm spoiled!

One of the things I got for Christmas was a Gift Certificate to a Day Spa.
5 whole hours with body massage, facial, pedicure, manicure and a head massage (shampooing, conditioning, styling).
Half way through, lunch and a glass of wine.
The best of all was a hand massage,
that I received three different times through the entire session.
It should be a must for all knitters, and I will be returning for more!!

Funny thing is that I was actually nervous about going there.
That's because I could not in a thousand years imagine
what I would do there for 5 hours.
Off course I brought my knitting!
Got to knit a little during pedicure, that was all.

Coming home, I was so whipped,
felt I had been through the washing machine and the dryer too...
I'm almost as good as new!


lisa said...

I've only done 1 hour massages, and can just imagine how much the spa experience would add. Isn't it a great sort of exhausted?

randi K design said...

Yes, it was a great sort of exhausted! I can't recommand it hard enough though. To bad they need to be paid, or I would do it once a week. Maybe I will go every second month or somthing, we'll see...

Rositta said...

I haven't had a spa day in a couple of years, but maybe soon... lucky you their great aren't they?...ciao