22 January, 2007

Coffee or tea anybody?

I visited "Hannesol" 's blog,
and she challenged her visitors to show of their favorite coffee cup (or mug).
Well my favorite coffee cup is probably one I never use.
It live in my curio cabinet, it's quite old,
and it has "Bestemor" (grandmother) written in gold letters on it.
I am a grandmother, so maybe I need to get it out...

My everyday cup is a coffee mug, and it is used several times a day.
I am afraid I started my coffee addiction pretty early.
On my way to Sunday school (age 5-6),
I would always stop at my aunt Siren's house
to fill my pockets with coffee beans.
I considered it a treat,
and would chew on them during the Sunday school lesson.
Aunt Siren always grinded her own coffee
in a coffee-grinder just like the one above.
The smell was wonderful....

I also like a cup of warm tea. Preferable with sugar and milk.
My tea cup was given to me as a part of a set,
from a group of girls friends, almost 20 years ago.
Time is passing faster and faster...

Well, I will challenge everyone (you) who visit my blog,
to share a picture of their own favorite cup, story etc.
Either on their own blog (please let me know),
or as a comment here on mine.

I love porcelain. As young,
both my parents used to work at the Porcelain Factory (Egersund Fajanse)
in my home town, my mother as a painter.
But that's another story...


lisa said...

Hi Randi, You have some lovely old cups! I have some, but they are put away, wrapped in a box in the attic. I don't have anyplace to put them that is safe where I can see them...and I haven't been drinking tea so much lately. I just took a photo of my favorite coffee mug, and will post to my blog soon!

randi K design said...

I will love to see it!

Rositta said...

Okay Randi, I bit.. I posted my favourite mugs. It's a boring life up here in T-Dot when I have nothing better to do he he he... ciao

Rositta said...

I'm going to write the story about my studio tomorrow and search for some photo's to put in flickr. It was a going business for me until i got sick and now I have my Mom to take care of...ciao

silja said...

Utfordring tatt :)

Hannesol said...

Nydelige kopper du har - og flotte bilder av dem :) Så hyggelig at du tok utfordringen!

Rositta said...

Your links don't work, in the htlm code, make sure your tags are correct. I had that problem also but managed to fix it. If you have a problem email me and i'll try to help. rositta

blåggdama said...

Utfordringen tatt her i Bergen :)

Og med det samme jeg har oppmerksomheten din, tusen takk for den hyggelige hilsen du la igjen i blåggen min.